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Hand & Machine Quilting

  • Stash Books How Do I Quilt It?

    Christa Watson ––  Your go-to guide to modern machine quilting Prepare your quilt, choose your designs, and find your path! This comprehensive guide to modern machine quilting uses both walking-foot and free-motion techniques, all done...

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    Stash Books Doodle Notebook for Free-Motion Quilting

    Dara Tomasson and Amy Colleen Robertson ––  Doodle practice makes quilt perfection! Keep a record of your progress and give yourself the organized space to practice your doodle designs with this helpful notebook! Based on...

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    Stash Books Doodle School

    Dara Tomasson and Amy Colleen Robertson ––  31 days to master doodle designing! Transform into a skilled free-motion quilting expert with a month-long series of daily design prompts. Take the challenge with experienced free-motion...

    $21.95 $15.37
  • CT Publishing Jump Into Patchwork and Quilting

    Sarah Ashford ––  Learn the art of quilting and patchwork Beginners rejoice—getting started with quilting has never been easier! This project-based introductory guide will give you everything you need to know to explore and enjoy...

  • CT Publishing Hand Sewing

    Becky Goldsmith ––  Embrace and enjoy sewing by hand Make sewing by hand your next creative accomplishment! Embrace the chance to unwind and enjoy the process of creating hand made quilt blocks with Becky Goldsmith’s step-by-step...

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    Stash Books Stitching Classic Americana with Masako

    Masako Wakayama –– Stars and stripes—red, white, and blue! With a love for all things Americana, Masako Wakayama celebrates her beloved and unique style with a dozen homespun projects. Perfect for multi-crafters, this collection...

    $25.95 $18.17
  • Stash Books The Ultimate Guide to Rulerwork Quilting

    Amanda Murphy –– Use quilting rulers to their fullest Straight lines, curves… there are rulers for every kind of quilting! Amanda Murphy shares an in-depth guide to everything you need to know about rulerwork quilting on both domestic...

  • CT Publishing Straight-Line Quilting Designs

    C&T Publishing –– Endless inspiration from your favorite quilters Want inspiration for your straight-line quilting? Now you have the perfect tool! This spiral-bound book is full of designs—JUST designs—and will lie flat...

  • CT Publishing Dresden Quilt Blocks Reimagined

    Candyce Grisham –– Play with color and pattern to make your own unique quilt Embrace the art of quilting with simple instructions to create particularly beautiful Dresden plate blocks. Each variation looks unique and all are...

  • CT Publishing Doodle Quilting Mania

    Cheryl Malkowski –– Oodles of doodles for quilting! Stuck in a quilting rut? Stop dawdling and start doodling! Get inspired to machine quilt that unfinished top with an astounding two hundred and fifty new designs from best-selling...

  • Stash Books Step-by-Step Texture Quilting

    Christina Cameli –– Take your quilting to the next level with these creative textures It’s never been more exciting to add playful texture to your projects with free-motion quilting! Gain the confidence to quilt like an artist with...

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    Stash Books The Quilters Negative Space Handbook

    Sylvia Schaefer –– Everything you need to design your own modern quilts Have you dreamed of creating your own modern quilt patterns, but don’t know where to start? Author Sylvia Schaefer applies her scientific mind to quilting...

    $26.95 $18.87
  • CT Publishing You and Your Sewing Machine

    Bernie Tobisch –– From the sewing machine whisperer comes this in-depth, visual guide to how a sewing machine works, how to keep it in good working order, and how to solve common problems. Learn what questions to ask when buying a new...

  • CT Publishing Creative Classics Print-on-Demand Edition

    Laura Lee Fritz –– Rev Up Your Hand or Machine Quilting With Fresh Versions of Favorite Motifs Make your quilt sing with these exuberant new variations on 5 classic quilting motifs. Master quilter Laura Lee Fritz shows you dozens of fresh...

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    Stash Books Nine-Patch Revolution

    Jenifer Dick  and Angela Walters –– Transform your favorite block with these step-by-step instructions Popular pattern designer Jenifer Dick and expert quilter Angela Walters have teamed up to provide 20 modern, diverse...

    $25.95 $18.17
  • Stash Books Rulerwork Quilting Idea Book

    Amanda Murphy –– Hello, rulerwork! Quilting rulers have long been used by longarm quilters to make uniform shapes while quilting, but now, with the advent of the domestic ruler foot, domestic quilters can join in on the fun, too! Amanda...

  • CT Publishing Free-Motion Block Designs

    Endless inspiration from your favorite quiltersWant inspiration for your free-motion quilting? Now you have the perfect tool! This spiral-bound book is full of designs—JUST designs—and will lay flat on your work surface to keep your hands on...

  • Stash Books Free-Motion Meandering

    Angela Walters ––Finishing your own quilts is easier than you thinkTurn the corner to free-motion success with a meandering makeover! Best-selling author Angela Walters shows you that free-motion quilting doesn't have to be scary - with a...

  • Stash Books Quilt As You Go Made Vintage

    Jera Brandvig ––From the best-selling author of Quilt As-You-Go Made ModernGet comfortable with basic piecing and machine quilting - one block at a time! Best-selling author Jera Brandvig is back, this time with a romantic take on her...

  • CT Publishing 365 Free-Motion Quilting Designs

    Leah Day ––    A new free-motion quilting design for every day of the year!A compilation of the 365 free-motion quilting designs from author Leah Day’s blog, the Free Motion Quilting Project, this new edition of a wildly...

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    Kansas City Star Quilts Accentuate the Negative

    Trisch Price –– Join Trisch as she explores six aspects of negative space design: gradation, reversal, interruption, negative form, ghosting and piecing. Each category features three original quilt designs. Trisch takes you through her...

    $22.95 $16.07
  • Stash Books Free-Motion Quilting Idea Book

    Amanda Murphy ––    Creative free-motion ideas for traditional quilt blocks, borders, and moreTake the guesswork out of free-motion quilting with 155 fresh ideas, each handpicked for a specific space on a quilt. Popular author...

  • CT Publishing All Things Quilting with Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson ––    From first step to last stitch, learn to quilt the Alex Anderson way!With more than one million books sold, the author who taught the world to quilt is back again! Internet and television personality Alex...

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    Stash Books Get Quilting with Angela & Cloe

    Angela Walters and Cloe Walters ––Learn patchwork from top to bottom with 14 fun projectsKids can quilt! Best-selling author Angela Walters and her daughter, Cloe, join forces to teach preteens and teens the basics of quiltmaking. The...

    $24.95 $17.47
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    CT Publishing Quilting by Design

    Jessica Schick ––    Book includes CD with digitized patternsUnlock your quilting potential with 155 free-motion patterns to fit every space in your quilt. Use the designs as they are or learn how to use computer graphics technology...

    $29.95 $20.97
  • Stash Books Step-by-Step Free-Motion Quilting

    Christina Cameli ––   Turn simple shapes into fresh free-motion designs Improve your free-motion quilting as you sketch new designs—one simple shape at a time. Christina Cameli, best-selling author of First Steps to Free-Motion...

  • CT Publishing Get Addicted to Free-Motion Quilting

    Sheila Sinclair Snyder –– Get hooked on free-motion quilting Give your quilts the fancy finish they deserve with more than 60 lively continuous-line quilting designs from quilting pro Sheila Sinclair Snyder. Learn to stitch free-form...

  • CT Publishing Listen to Your Quilt eBook

    Barbara Persing –– Discover a new pathEliminate the guessing games and take your cues directly from your quilt for planning the most complementary quilting design. This unique 4-step approach covers four major quilt groups: Traditional,...

  • CT Publishing Shadow Trapunto Quilts eBook

    Geta Grama –– A wonderful world of intricate beauty You'll be captivated by the elegance and grace of these elaborate shadow trapunto quilts-especially once you discover how easy they are to make! Create the old-world look of tatting or lace...

  • CT Publishing One Line at a Time, Encore eBook

    Charlotte Warr Andersen ––    AVAILABLE ONLY AS AN EBOOK AT THIS TIME Perfect quilting...row by row!• Learn a wide variety of new quilting designs, from straight lines for a walking foot to curves for a free-motion...

  • Mindful Meandering eBook

    Laura Lee Fritz –– Beyond Stippling! Creative Continuous-Line Quilting Designs • Add a lighthearted touch to your quilts with 132 contemporary continuous-line designs for both hand and machine quilting • Use as allover designs, on...

  • Show Me How To Plan My Quilting eBook

    Kathy Sandbach –– Design Machine Quilting that Enhances Your Piecing and Appliqué • Build the machine quilting into your project from the very start, for eye-catching results • 6 complete quilt projects and more than 30...

  • Doodle Quilting: Over 120 Continuous-Line Machine-Quilting Designs by Cheryl Malkowski

    Cheryl Malkowski –– Learn to draw...with your sewing machine! In this beginner's guide to free-motion, continuous-line quilting designs, the focus is on selecting the right forms and lines that get you where you need to go...because...

  • First Steps to Free-Motion Quilting: 24 Projects for Fearless Stitching by Christina Cameli #FirstStepstoFreeMotionQuilting

    Christina Cameli –– Baby steps to awesome quilting • Just start stitching! Practice free-motion quilting with 24 easy-to-achieve projects • You’ll make simple quilts, embellish kitchen towels and clothes, personalize a...

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    In the Studio with Angela Walters: Machine-Quilting Design Concepts • Add Movement, Contrast, Depth & More by Angela Walters

    Angela Walters –– Add a new layer of art to your quilts Take your quilt tops to the next level! Learn how to use quilting designs to tell a story, highlight the piecing, or achieve unique effects such as an illusion of depth. You get ten...

    $22.95 $16.07
  • Beginner's Guide to Free-Motion Quilting: 50+ Visual Tutorials to Get You Started • Professional Quality-Results on Your Home Machine by Natalia Bonner

    Natalia Bonner –– Photo tutorials show you stitching in action Picture this - more than 50 quilting designs to create modern quilts with classic style! Natalia's instructions are illustrated with detailed photos that make it much easier to...

  • Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters: Choose & Use Quilting Designs on Modern Quilts by Angela Walters

    Angela Walters –– Experiment...create...succeed! Popular machine quilter Angela Walters will motivate and inspire you to try something new! Learn how to stitch her fresh continuous-line designs on your longarm or domestic machine. Using...

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    Mastering the Art of Longarm QuiltingMastering the Art of Longarm Quilting: 40 Original Designs • Step-by-Step Instructions • Takes You from Novice to Expert by Gina Perkes

    Gina Perkes –– For the love of longarm Build your confidence and master more skills with easy-to-follow instructions for how to use a longarm machine. Gina gives you detailed direction for planning and executing designs, as well as tips on...

    $29.95 $20.97
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    Free-Motion Machine Quilting

    Don Linn –– You CAN quilt it yourself! • Refine your free-motion skills with a series of machine quilting exercises using your table-top sewing machine • Don's visual troubleshooting guide to common machine quilting problems and...

    $24.95 $17.47
  • Foolproof Machine Quilting by Mary Mashuta

    Mary Mashuta –– Create Beautiful Machine Quilting With Your Home Sewing Machine-No Free-Motion Required! • Design and stitch beautiful machine quilting the easy way, with the walking foot on your home sewing machine • Learn to...

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    Machine Quilting with Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson –– Machine Quilting Is a Snap When Alex Shows You How! • 7 exercises and 7 projects teach you everything from easy straight-line quilting to stippling to more complex motifs • Create lovely traditional quilts using...

    $17.95 $12.57
  • Free-Motion Quilting Workbook: Angela Walters Shows You How! by Angela Walters #FreeMotionQuiltingWorkbook

    Angela Walters –– If you can sketch it, you can stitch it! The master of free-motion quilting teaches you everything you need to know in this hands-on workbook! • The master of free-motion quilting, Angela Walters, teaches you...