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  • Free Project Babies On The Way

    As a momma bird gathers scraps to build her nest, this piece too is made from scraps! Creative Troupe member Jeanelle McCall has combined a little free-motion embroidery, hand embroidery and a photo transfer using TAP™ Transfer...

  • CT Publishing Thank You Card TAP Free Project

    What better way to really show your gratitude than with a handmade note card? Using TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper in your card project not only opens up the creative possibilities, but is quick and easy too. This card, created by author...

  • Free Project Stenciling on mul-tex

    Rebecca Parsons is a mixed media artist and a member of our Creative Troupe. She shares her stenciling tips with us, which she used to paint mul•tex to incorporate into these lovely miniature shoes with a matching mini purse.

  • CT Publishing Princess TAP T-Shirt Free Project

    Author and creator of TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper, Lesley Riley, is sharing the “how-to-do” for this adorably embellished t-shirt so you can create one for the royalty in your life. With the use of TAP™, this...