Who We Are



Founded in 1983, C&T Publishing is a craft book publisher with a list of books and products across a range of handmade art subjects including quilting, sewing, embroidery, cosplay, watercolor, paper crafting, and more. We are inspired by our innovative authors who help us create beautiful books that ignite the imagination. 

As soon as you pick up a C&T Publishing product, we want you to know it comes from us. Whether it’s a book, a puzzle, a planner, or a gift, our team is committed to high-quality production, design innovation, and an editorial approach that helps our authors realize their best work. By collaborating with authors at every stage of the publishing process - from editorial and design to sales and marketing, our goal is to provide them with a platform for success.

In 2020, C&T launched Creative Spark Online Learning - a place for the crafting community to expand and elevate their love of crafts with online courses. At Creative Spark, there are courses available for every skill level.


Meet the Staff 

Our staff is made up of avid quilters, sewists, embroiderers, and crafters who love being part of the crafting community, whether that means participating in local quilt guilds or sharing their industry insight on our YouTube channel. Our crafty Publisher, Amy Barrett-Daffin, is on the Quilts Inc. Advisory Board, the PubWest Board of Directors, and the Social Justice Sewing Academy Board. 


Eco Initiatives

C&T Publishing strives to be a socially and environmentally responsible company. We are taking a critical look at our products, our company, our business partners, and our messaging to positively affect change in our communities and our industry. 


Inclusion & Diversity

C&T is a place where everyone is welcome. We seek to inspire creativity and amplify compelling stories, techniques, and artistry from makers of all backgrounds.  We aspire to publish useful and beautiful books and products that celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of our crafting community so that you will become another maker inspired!


Our Imprints:

Stash Books: Stash Books’ focus is to deliver great content from authoritative, trend-forward authors that promote the love of fabric and sewing. Stash titles are offered at lower price points and boast inspirational photography and beautiful, clean graphics. 

FunStitch Studio: FunStitch Studio books strive to instill a love of handmade in the next generation and encourage kids to “Stitch Your Art Out,” as the tagline goes. The titles in this imprint aim to be both inspirational and educational, including the basics like sewing, quilting, and embroidery, but also emphasizing the importance of building skills while having fun creating.

Kansas City Star Quilts: In July 2015 Kansas City Star Quilts became part of the C&T Publishing family. The American Midwest has been dubbed the heart of quilting country, and Kansas City is no exception. KCSQ has published more than 300 quilt books for quilters. Star Stitch comprises books and patterns for cross stitch enthusiasts.

Quilt with Marci Baker: Quilt with Marci Baker brings you best-selling products, books, and patterns from quilting icons Marci Baker and Sara Nephew. The dynamic duo enjoys sharing ideas and tools that simplify the process of quilting.

Crosley-Griffith: Acquired in 2019, Crosley-Griffith is an established and popular line of quilting books and products by esteemed quilter Judy Martin. Judy is a well-recognized authority in the quilting world, and top quilting authors look to her for inspiration, expertise, and patterns.

FanPowered Press: Launched in 2021, represents a distinct and curated collection of CosPlay titles from sewing ballgowns to building armor using EVA foam. Developed in conjunction with well known cosplayers, these authors will inspire and educate by presenting innovative methods and ideas, and inspiring readers to jump into something new and get outside of their comfort zones.


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