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  • The Wedding Dress Quilt

    The Wedding Dress Quilt

    Jeffree Wyn Itrich–– Family secrets, a second chance at love, and a stalker—trouble is right around the corner. Adopted as an infant, art quilter Lisbeth James has no clue about the family waiting for her. After her maternal...

  • 3-D Illusion Quilts Simplified

    3-D Illusion Quilts Simplified

    Ruth Ann Berry–– Take your quilting game to the next dimension! Expanding on the bestseller Stunning 3D Quilts, Simplified, this sequel takes your quilting journey to the next level. Tackle the 12 captivating projects, from wall hangings to...

  • Modern Improv Quilting

    Modern Improv Quilting

    Laura Veenema–– Improvisational piecing lets you be the boss Embrace the joy of improvisation as you create quilts and quilted projects, including duffel and crossbody bags, that are truly one-of-a-kind! This book is an introduction, guide,...

  • 2025 Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar

    C&T Publishing–– Quilt your way through 2025! Immerse yourself in a world of quilting inspiration that lasts all year! Display this beautiful quilt calendar in your kitchen, office, or sewing space, and use the large daily squares to...

  • Crafting Paper Flowers

    Crafting Paper Flowers

    Emily Paluska–– Craft everlasting beauty with paper flowers Crafted from crepe paper and perfectly detailed to match the beauty of nature, these accessible flower projects are combined to create stunning arrangements, garlands, and wreaths...

  • Essential Serger Reference Tool

    Essential Serger Reference Tool

    Katrina Walker–– Serge confidently with this pocket-sized reference tool This compact guide contains everything you need to resolve your serging questions, regardless of your experience level. Learn how to thread your serger, choose and use...

  • Foolproof Freeform Embroidery

    Foolproof Freeform Embroidery

    Jennifer Clouston–– Your guide to crafting embroidery masterpieces! Embark on an embroidery adventure with Jennifer as your mentor, igniting your own creative process. Discover Jennifer's organic approach, inspiring you to forge your path...

  • Scrappy Wonky Quilt Block Extravaganza

    Scrappy Wonky Quilt Block Extravaganza

    Shannon Leigh Roudhán and Jason Bowlsby –– Learn how to use scraps, odd cuts, and small fabric treasures in unexpected ways to create one-of-a-kind quilts. Create stunning contemporary abstractions of iconic quilt blocks! With no...

  • Beaded Embroidery Handy Pocket Guide

    Beaded Embroidery Handy Pocket Guide

    Christen J Brown –– A compact guide to beaded embroidery stitching Bead embroidery is a technique where the beads are stitched onto a piece of fabric using a special beading thread and needle to form a design, a border row, or an...

  • Simply Successful Appliqué Handy Pocket Guide

    Simply Successful Appliqué Handy Pocket Guide

    Kim Diehl –– Machine and hand-appliqué essentials at your fingertips! This convenient pocket guide features Kim Diehl's unique and wonderfully successful technique for invisible appliqué by machine and turn-free...

  • Crafting with Slander

    Crafting with Slander

    Barbara Emodi –– Corruption, chaos, and murder—Valerie Rankin is faced with a killer as crafty as she is. Valerie Rankin is back in Gasper's Cove as a mayoral election brings chaos to the small town. A corrupt political scheme...

  • Sew a Winter Woodland Christmas

    Sew a Winter Woodland Christmas

    Mary Hertel –– Make winter crafting fun with 20 unique paper-pieced woodland blocks Explore a new world of paper-piecing possibilities! Paper piecing is the perfect way to add creativity and whimsy to quilting projects. Mary Hertel, the...

  • QuiltGenius Graph Paper

    QuiltGenius Graph Paper

    C&T Publishing –– The perfect graph paper for planning quilts and general craft projectsDesigning a quilt project is all fun and games until it's time to figure out how to make it work. QuiltGenius Graph Paper provides a solid foundation...

  • QuiltGenius Design Tool Kit

    QuiltGenius Design Tool Kit

    C&T Publishing –– Be your own quilt designer, no computer or software needed!Let your creativity soar with this fun, fast, and simple way to design your own quilts - no computer or software is required! Simply use the layout stencil to...

  • Color Basics for Makers

    Color Basics for Makers

    Lee Chappell Monroe –– Interactive guide to understand and apply the fundamentals of color!Confidence is key when it comes to color! Join Lee Monroe as she shares the tips and tricks from her most popular art class useful for every...

  • Playful Panel Quilts

    Playful Panel Quilts

    Cynthia Ann McChesney –– Transform your treasured quilt panels into masterpieces with creative techniques!Explore the possibilities of creating small freeform quilts using a montage technique that will help you unleash your artistic...