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  • Quilter's Inspiration Deck

    Quilter's Inspiration Deck

    Teresa Millies–– Explore endless inspiration with this dynamic card deck. Set aside your quilt patterns and find freedom in the creative process with the Quilter’s Inspiration Deck. 100 cards, divided into ten categories, allow you...

  • Crafting a Getaway

    Crafting a Getaway

    Barbara Emodi–– As the threads of events unwind, so does the mystery of a potential murder. A lot has changed at Rankin’s General. Valerie becomes the new manager, while her cousin Rollie opens a B&B with his librarian lady...

  • Simple Whatnots IV

    Simple Whatnots IV

    Kim Diehl–– Create charming small quilts that will brighten up any space Best-selling author Kim Diehl presents the fourth and final installment of her Simple Whatnots series, unveiling a fresh collection of 19 small, scrappy projects. Kim...

  • Zero Waste Quilting

    Zero Waste Quilting

    Patricia Murphy–– Craft stunning quilts while being resource-savvy. Revolutionize your approach to quilting by eliminating fabric waste and embracing sustainable crafting. Each project serves as a catalyst for additional projects, using all...

  • Discover Shibori

    Discover Shibori

    Debbie Maddy–– Explore the captivating world of traditional Shibori techniques. Learn techniques such as shape resist, stitch resist, pole wrapping, pleat, bind, looped binding, and bound resist in this practical guide by expert shibori...

  • 333 Origami Sheets AstroMagic Designs

    333 Origami Sheets AstroMagic Designs

    C&T Publishing–– Create gorgeous origami art printed with beautiful astral space designs Get started creating origami art with this chunky, colorful, and inspiring book of 333 sheets of origami-weight paper in 60+ unique designs!...

  • 333 Origami Sheets Kawaii Designs

    333 Origami Sheets Kawaii Designs

    C&T Publishing–– Create charming origami art printed with adorable illustrated designs Get started creating origami art with this chunky, colorful, and inspiring book of 333 sheets of origami-weight paper in 60+ unique designs! Adorable...

  • Patchwork Luxe

    Patchwork Luxe

    Julia McLeod–– Master the art of quilting with cherished silk fabrics! Learn techniques to tame silk’s challenging qualities and create gorgeous silk quilts! From working with reclaiming materials like ties, scarves, and garments to...

  • Embroidered Animal Portraits

    Embroidered Animal Portraits

    Michelle Staub–– Create stunningly realistic embroidered animal masterpieces Our beloved pets hold a special place in our hearts; we want to capture them in stitches whether they’re covered in fur, scales, or feathers! Join embroidery...

  • The Wedding Dress Quilt

    The Wedding Dress Quilt

    Jeffree Wyn Itrich–– Family secrets, a second chance at love, and a stalker—trouble is right around the corner. Adopted as an infant, art quilter Lisbeth James has no clue about the family waiting for her. After her maternal grandmother...

  • 3-D Illusion Quilts Simplified

    3-D Illusion Quilts Simplified

    Ruth Ann Berry–– Take your quilting game to the next dimension! Expanding on the bestseller Stunning 3D Quilts, Simplified, this sequel takes your quilting journey to the next level. Tackle the 12 captivating projects, from wall hangings to...

  • Modern Improv Quilting

    Modern Improv Quilting

    Laura Veenema–– Improvisational piecing lets you be the boss Embrace the joy of improvisation as you create quilts and quilted projects, including duffel and crossbody bags, that are truly one-of-a-kind! This book is an introduction, guide,...

  • Quilt Builder Card Deck Christmas Set

    Quilt Builder Card Deck Christmas Set

    C&T Publishing–– Mix, match, and quilt with Christmas-themed blocks! Get ready for more quilt-building fun with the collectible Christmas set in the best-selling Quilt Builder Card Deck series! Explore joyous Christmas-themed blocks,...

  • 2025 Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar

    2025 Patchwork Place Quilt Calendar

    C&T Publishing–– Quilt your way through 2025! Immerse yourself in a world of quilting inspiration that lasts all year! Display this beautiful quilt calendar in your kitchen, office, or sewing space, and use the large daily squares to...