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When can I expect my order?

Orders are shipped from National Booksellers Network in Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania within 2-5 business days (per NBN 2/22). All domestic orders ship via USPS. All Canadian orders are shipped via CANPAR. Please note: CANPAR does not ship to PO Boxes.

All over $50 before coupons, shipping and taxes will be given free 2-10 day standard shipping. Due to the COVID19 pandemic, shipping processing times may vary. 

Due to the pandemic, at this time, we are unable to ship to Australia or New Zealand.

What does it mean when my book is listed as a POD (Print on Demand)?

When a book still has a certain level of demand, but not enough to reserve space on the warehouse shelves, a Print On Demand version of the book is created. This means that your book is not printed until you place the order. Please allow an additional 2 weeks for US Delivery. Note: Print-on-Demand books vary from the original printing in these ways:

  • The paper is printed on a matte finish, causing some of the colors to become more saturated than the original. The information IS THE SAME but these images will look different.
  • Any pullouts that were once part of the original have now been formatted to fit the size of the POD version and placed within the back of the book.
  • A Print-on-Demand (POD) Edition will be printed after purchase and will arrive separately from any in-stock items. ALL PRINT ON DEMAND SALES ARE FINAL.

What do I do if my order arrived damaged?

There’s nothing more disappointing than to find something has been damaged when it reaches your doorstep. Please contact us directly at ctinfo@ctpub.com so that we can provide a replacement at no cost.

What is your return policy?

Once you have received your book or product, if you don’t love it as much as we think you will, you have 10 days to request a refund. Customers are responsible for the cost of return shipping. Once you have submitted a tracking number to us for the return, we will refund the cost of the item(s) less any non-refundable shipping fees to your original form of payment.

To request a refund:

  • Log in to your ctpub.com account and choose “Orders” from your account dashboard.
  • Find the corresponding order number and click “Return items?”


  • Enter the the quantity of the item(s) you wish to return.
  • Select a Reason for the Return from the drop down menu.
  • Use the comment field if you would like to provide any further feedback.
  • Click Submit Return Request



Can I cancel my order?

In the event you need to cancel, you can send a request through our Contact Us form or by emailing ctinfo@ctpub.com. Once an order is placed it is very quickly sent to the warehouse for distribution. After it arrives at the distribution center we are rarely able to cancel an order.

Do you charge sales tax?

We are required by law to collect sales tax on sales to customers located in the state of California, where C&T has a "physical presence." The current combined sales tax rate for our location (Concord, California) is 9%.

Can I use a coupon?

We occasionally offer coupons and promotions via email and on our social media. To sign up for our promotional emails click here. Follow us on social media @CTPublishing.

Product Safety and Testing Reports

C&T Publishing, Inc. is committed to publishing and manufacturing products that are safe for all consumers. We strive to ensure that all products manufactured by C&T Publishing, Inc. comply with all applicable product safety rules and regulations. Product Safety and Testing Reports are HERE


How do I order eBooks?

You will find eBooks listed as a format on each product page. Select the eBook format and click add to cart. After completion of successful checkout you will receive an email with your download link. The eBook files are also available anytime in your Account Order History.

How do I find my ebook or downloads?

To access your downloadable eBooks or projects:

1. Log into your account by clicking on the "person" icon in the top right corner.
2. Click on the "Order" heading on your account page.
3. Click on the “View Order Button” next to the order number containing your e-Book or project.
4. Any items available to download will show a teal arrow on the item picture. Click the teal arrow.
5. Choose your preferred download format: ePub or PDF
6. Your book should automatically download to your computer or device's default saving folder. 
7. Open the file and enjoy!

How do I access patterns on my Kindle?

Amazon has disabled the ability to print from the .mobi files used on their devices. For some genres that’s understandable but crafting tends to have a pattern or two (or twelve) that necessitates printing. Within each book is a tiny URL that will take you to a website with your printable patterns. The URL is not located in the same location in every book.


You might have noticed that we have switched from including all of the patterns printed on pullouts in our books to downloadable patterns. C&T is a green company and we are always looking for ways to save resources and help the environment. With downloadable patterns you can print just the pattern(s) you want, which uses less paper. Printing the book without pullouts also allows us to more frequently print our books in the United States instead of overseas (the cost of including pullouts is far greater -- and often cost prohibitive -- in the US). This cuts down on the use of fuel in shipping and allows us to support US companies.

Finding Downloadable Patterns

The patterns in the books are shared in two different ways: Through a tiny url and with a QR code. - Using Tiny URLs To access the pattern through the tiny url, just type the tiny url (a web address) provided into your browser window. - Using a QR code To access the pattern through the QR code, open the camera app on your phone and aim the camera at the QR code. You don't need to take a picture. When the QR code is centered, a window should pop up at the top of the screen with a link that takes you to the pattern.

Using Downloadable Patterns

When you type your tiny url into your browser window or capture the QR code, your digital pattern will open up. You can print directly from the browser window or you can download the pattern. The pattern will be in two formats, letter size and full size. You can print the letter-size pattern at home and tile the pieces of paper together. You can save the file on a thumb drive or email it to a copy shop and they can print out the full-sized patterns to avoid the question of tiling. When printing at home, ensure that you print at 100% size. Do not choose to "fit to printable area" or "fit to paper." You may need to select "custom size" and type in 100%. Once you print the pattern, check the print out size using the inch scale marked on the first page of the patterns. If your pattern extends beyond one page, it will have dotted or dashed lines along the edges. That's where you overlap your pattern pages to tile them together. You can trim off one of the overlapping pieces on that dotted line so you can better match up the patterns. Once you have the pieces aligned, tape them together.

Enlarging Patterns From Book

You can also copy patterns from the book if they are available. If the patterns need to be enlarged, the enlargement percentage is provided with the pattern. Use that percentage on your home or copyshop copier. If the pattern is getting larger than one sheet of paper, copy the pattern in overlapping quadrants and tile them together.



What do I need to enter my quilt in a show or to raise money for my guild?

How wonderful! We wish you the best of luck with your entry and remember, whether you win a ribbon or not, you will always be a Blue Ribbon creator to us! You do not need permission to enter your quilt in a show, but please remember to credit the author and book as the creator of the pattern.

I’m hosting and event and would like to ask for a donation

Please contact ctinfo@ctpub.com to make a request with the information about your event and we'll be happy to review it. 

What do I need to know about teaching a class using one of your books?

We are so glad you enjoy the projects/patterns out of one of our books and appreciate you reaching out about pattern use. Our standard policy is that in order to use a C&T publication in a class, each participant needs to own or purchase a copy of the book. We do not allow the reproduction or copying of any pages of our books. A discount for students to use may be approved on a case by case basis by contacting: ctinfo@ctpub.com

Can I sell items I make with your patterns?

As a book publisher who represents our authors (artists), the main reason you cannot make a quilt and sell it is that you are infringing upon the artist's copyright by making something from the book and selling it because the information does not belong to you, it was created by someone else. You are copying their idea and making money from it and that is a violation of copyright law. 

You are free to make up your own design, figure out how to put it together so that everything works out technically, and sell those. But you are not allowed to profit from the hard work and investment made by both the author and publisher, it is against the law. If we allowed everyone who bought one of our books to make and sell the designs it would be chaos and it would undermine the value and law that the copyright is intended to protect. 

Please do not make and sell any quilts or other items that you find in our publications as it will be seen as a violation of our copyright. 



How do I know if a pattern has been corrected?

Though we make every effort to make our products as close to perfect as possible, occasionally, updates, clarifications or corrections are needed. The first step when suspecting an issue is to visit the product page to see if there is any additional information. There will be a tab named 'Corrections' with a document if there is a correction.


If you still have an issue, you can email our Errata Team at errata@ctpub.com for them to research. Please make sure to include the full title of the book, the pages you want investigated and a complete description of the error. Someone from the team will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer!


We have so many cool tools and products to play with. These two products are so popular we made their own FAQ section!

Where can I find support for TAP?

You can get direct support about TAP from Lesley Riley by visiting her TAP Tips, Info and FAQs page. If you still have additional questions, you will also find her email address on the page. Help is only a click away HERE

How do I learn more about Kraft-tex?

What more can we say? This product is AMAZING. There is so much information for you to explore! You will find on our website links to your YouTube Kraft-tex University where our resident experts, Betsy and Gailen, will share wonderful tips and tricks they have learned along the way. You can see a full product list of Kraft-tex as well as books filled with creative projects that will get you started.

  • kraft-tex general instructions here
  • Read blog posts and download FREE projects. It’s all at your fingertips by clicking here
  • All of our amazing kraft-tex products by clicking here
  • Check out Kraft-Tex University with our resident experts Betsy L and Gailen by clicking here

Kraft-tex is made from cellulose (paper) pulp, a synthetic latex binder and dye. It is recyclable with the proper defibering technology. However, the same properties that make kraft-tex washable and extremely durable require more processing to recycle than newsprint or magazines, which have very little binder content. Please check with your local recycling facility to confirm that they have the ability to process it.