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How do I order eBooks? You will find eBooks listed as a format on each product page. Select the eBook format and click add to cart. After completion of successful checkout you will receive an email with your download link. Your eBooks are available anytime in your Account> Order History link.


How do I find my ebook or downloads? 

Once you have completed your transaction the confirmation page contains a link next to the title of the book that will take you immediately to your eFiles. If you’re unprepared to transfer files right away or need to download them again, your eBooks can be found in your account under your order history. Here’s how to access digital downloads from your account: 

  • Go to the C&T Publishing website,
  • At the top right of the screen, log in to your account.
  • You should see a screen listing all the orders you have placed. Click on the “Order ###” of the order you need to download.
  • You should now be at a screen with the items from that order. All downloads have a yellow arrow by the item icon. Click on the arrow.
  • Now you are on a download screen. Click on the zip file to download.

 You can access your files at any time and download them to your devices as many times as you’d like. It’s especially handy if you need to replace a device, to know restoring your book is just a few quick clicks away.

How do I access patterns on my Kindle? Amazon has disabled the ability to print from the .mobi files used on their devices. For some genres that’s understandable but crafting tends to have a pattern or two (or twelve) that necessitates printing.  Within each book is a tiny URL that will take you to a website with your printable patterns. The URL is not located in the same location in every book.


How do I place an order?

  1. On this website, locate the Product(s) You Wish to Purchase
    We carry many products, organized by category. You can browse each category by selecting from the menu on the left side of each page. Click a product to view a detailed description of that product. If you are looking for a specific product, you can search for it in the upper-right corner of every page.
  2. Add Items to your Shopping Cart
    Once you have located a product you wish to purchase, click "Add to Cart" to place it in your "Shopping Cart". To add more items to your cart, just click "Continue Shopping". You can add items, adjust the quantity of each item, or remove items from your cart at any time by clicking "View Cart" on the top menu bar.
  3. Placing Your Order (Checkout)
    When you are ready to place your order, click "Checkout" located at the top of the page. You will be asked to enter your billing address, shipping address, and can choose your preferred shipping method. Next you will be prompted to select a payment method and enter the required information. If you are using a coupon or gift certificate, enter the code on this page. Next, you will be taken to the "Finalize Order" page to confirm your shipping and payment information and order summary. If everything looks ok, just click "Pay for Order" to finalize your order. Your order will not be placed until you click this button.
  4. Order Confirmation and Tracking
    After submitting your order, you will receive a confirmation email and an "Order ID" number which you can use to reference and track the status of your order.

Do you charge sales tax? We are required by law to collect sales tax on sales to customers located in the state of California, where C&T has a "physical presence." The current combined sales tax rate for our location (Concord, California) is 9%.

When can I expect my order? Your order will be processed within 2-4 business days of receipt. During peak periods, processing delays of up to 7-10 business days are possible (Seasonal Sales). All shipping times are in addition to processing time. Backordered items (out of stock and not-yet-published) will bill and ship when available. If time is of the essence, please contact C&T at 925-677-0377 or; Retailers contact NBN at 800-462-6420

What do I do if my order arrived damaged? There’s nothing more disappointing than to find something has been damaged when it reaches your doorstep. We are sorry that happened! Please contact us directly at so that we can provide a replacement at no cost.

What is your refund/return policy? We think our products are the “bee’s knees” BUT there are times when things “just don’t work out”. Once the package is received you have 10 days to determine whether or not you wish to keep it. If you don’t love it as much as we hope you will, simply contact us at to let us know. You will need to provide either the USPS tracking number the post office gives you when mailing the package back OR send us a picture of the receipt they gave you. Once we receive that info, we will refund your money (minus shipping costs) to the original method of payment.

Can I cancel my order? You can definitely send a request however our system is pretty fast at sending it on its way to the warehouse.  Once it arrives at the distribution center, we are rarely able to cancel the order.

Other order information visit our Order Info Page.


What do I need to enter my quilt in a show or to raise money for my guild?
How wonderful! We wish you the best of luck with your entry and remember, whether you win a ribbon or not, you will always be a Blue Ribbon creator to us! You do not need formal permission from the publisher for most shows. Click on the link HERE for all the information you need.

What do I need to know about teaching a class using one of your books? We’ve all had at least one teacher that encouraged and inspired us to explore new interests and techniques. We are honored that you would consider using one of our books/products as a tool to teach your students. We have class plans for many of our books which can be found HEREWe do not allow copying of our projects or techniques to be used in class and require each student to purchase their own book. Most of our books are offered in either hard copy or electronic version.

If I make copies from your book, does that mean I am breaking the law? Copying from our books does not automatically mean you will be going to the Big House. All of our products are copyrighted for personal use only and it is against the law to make copies of our patterns to share with your friends or guild members (in this case, sharing is NOT caring). This also includes copying from our word puzzle books and including them in monthly newsletters. 
That being said, we do allow you to copy patterns to work on at home. We’ve granted limited permission for a copy shop to print patterns for you (again, only for personal use). The specific pages are listed within the front of the book and can be shown to your copy shop before printing.


Though we make every effort to make our products as close to perfect as possible, occasionally, updates, clarifications or corrections are needed. The first step when suspecting an issue is to visit our Errata page HERE to see if there is any additional information. If you still have an issue, you can email our Errata Team at for them to research. Please make sure to include the full title of the book, the pages you want investigated and a complete description of the error. Someone from the team will get back to you as soon as possible with an answer!


We have so many cool tools and products to play with. These two products are so popular we made their own FAQ section!

Where can I find support for TAP? TAP is back and we are doing our Happy Dance! You can get direct support about TAP from Lesley Riley by visiting her TAP Tips, Info and FAQs page. If you still have additional questions, you will also find her email address on the page. Help is only a click away HERE

How do I learn more about Kraft-tex? What more can we say? This product is AMAZING. There is so much information for you to explore! You will find on our website links to your YouTube Kraft-tex University where our resident experts, Betsy and Gailen, will share wonderful tips and tricks they have learned along the way. You can see a full product list of Kraft-tex as well as books filled with creative projects that will get you started.

  • Read blog posts and download FREE projects. It’s all at your fingertips HERE 
  • Get the kraft-tex 411 HERE
  • Product Safety and Testing Reports are HERE

Quilt Label CD questions: PDF coming soon.


C&T Publishing, Inc. is committed to publishing and manufacturing products that are safe for all consumers. We strive to ensure that all products manufactured by C&T Publishing, Inc. comply with all applicable product safety rules and regulations.

Product Safety and Testing Reports are HERE

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