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  • Crosley-Griffith Singular Stars

    Judy Martin –– The Lone Star has long been a grail quilt, a bucket-list quilt, something quilters aspire to make. Now with Judy Martin's sensational new Singular Stars, Lone Star...

  • Crosley-Griffith Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts

    Judy Martin Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts features: 15 complete and accurate patterns in multiple sizes; beautiful pieced borders gracing every quilt; 300 color diagrams; 175 gorgeous photos; an...

  • Crosley-Griffith Patchwork Among Friends

    Judy Martin –– Patchwork Among Friends is, first and foremost, a book of patterns. It includes patterns for 10 never-before-published quilts. Among them are 2 Log Cabin variations, a...

  • Crosley-Griffith Stellar Quilts

    Judy Martin –– Stellar means ""exceptional"" or ""outstanding."" It also means ""of or relating to stars."" Stellar Quilts, then, are star quilts that are also exceptional quilts. In...

  • Crosley-Griffith Piece n Play Quilts

    Judy Martin –– Make a beautiful, one-of-a-kind quilt from a pattern, and have more fun than you ever dreamed possible! That's the idea behind Piece 'n' Play Quilts by Judy Martin...

  • Crosley-Griffith Cookies n Quilts

    Judy Martin –– Judy Martin believes strongly in the notion of quilting as a social institution. It's been that way for generations. Now, more than ever in our high-tech, high-speed,...