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Clothing Accessories

  • Free Project Slip Stripe Hat

    Sophie Scardaci –– As seen in the Knit and Crochet Planner! This chunky hat is a great way to play with color. Knit in the round and using a simple slip stitch, your stripes will have a playful jaggedness. Quick and easy to knit. A perfect...

  • Free Project Baby Bib

    You can never have too many bibs for a baby. Grab some cute scraps for this quick and easy project and make a bib to match every outfit. We hope you enjoy stitching up this fun, free project by Abbey Lane Quilts from Make 1-Hour Gifts!

  • Free Project DIY Infinity Scarf

    Please enjoy this free project from #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) Sew & Style. The author, Angela Lan, is one styling teen, and she walks you through making an infinity scarf, from choosing fabric to how to wear it. If you asked whether I prefer a...

  • CT Publishing Princess TAP T-Shirt Free Project

    Author and creator of TAP™ Transfer Artist Paper, Lesley Riley, is sharing the “how-to-do” for this adorably embellished t-shirt so you can create one for the royalty in your life. With the use of TAP™, this...

  • Free Project multex Belt

    How cool is this belt that Creative Troupe member Diane Knoblauch created using fabric and mul•tex? mul•tex not only takes rubber stamping and painting beautifully, but it also is durable enough for repeated passing through belt...