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Fairies & Dolls

  • Felt Wee Folk - New Adventures by Salley Mavor #FeltWeeFolk

    Salley Mavor ––      Create a magical world using wool felt, chenille stems, and simple embellishmentsSalley Mavor’s book Felt Wee Folk inspired tens of thousands to handcraft dolls from simple materials. Now, she...

  • Fanciful Felties from mummysam by Samantha Cotterill

    Samantha Cotterill –– Only available as an eBook Stitch A Story • 14 beginner-friendly projects to stitch by hand or machine• Includes patterns and illustrations for different characters with matching scenic elements like buildings...

  • Felt Wee Folk Print-on-Demand Edition

    Salley Mavor –– Salley Mavor’s charming, bendable Wee Folk fairies and dolls are real show-stoppers. Learn to create your own tiny figures and accessories using wool felt, chenile stems, simple embellishments, and Salley’s new...

  • Fantastic Figures Print-on-Demand Edition

    Susanna Oroyan –– Create unique dolls from the new polymer and paper clays, especially dolls that combine sculpted clay with cloth bodies. *Important Note about PRINT ON DEMAND Editions:All sales are final - PODs are non-returnable and...

  • Forest Fairy Crafts: Enchanting Fairies & Felt Friends from Simple Supplies • 28+ Projects to Create & Share by Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie

    Lenka Vodicka-Paredes and Asia Currie –– Welcome to the magical world of fairies • Make magical fairies, scary zombies, and cute gnomes with simple supplies and sewing skills • Learn easy crafting skills like hand sewing, finger...

  • Fanciful Cloth Dolls: From Tip of the Nose to Curly Toes - A Step-by-Step Visual Guide by Terese Cato

    Terese Cato –– Make an enchanting heirloom You don't have to be a doll maker to enjoy creating these little sweethearts. If you love to craft and sew, you'll have fun learning new techniques for creating a whimsical fairy, an impish elf, or...

  • Make Cloth Dolls

    Terese Cato –– Dolls with Personality from Head to Toe • Create four types of cloth dolls - three sculpted and one rag doll• Beginner-friendly project instructions with templates for the body and clothing, as well as suggestions...