Pom-Pom Forest Animals

Craft an Artisan Yarn Menagerie

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Imprint Stash Books
Dimensions 7.5" x 9.5"
ISBN 9781644034583

Susanne Pypke ––

Craft whimsical, fluffy Pompom forest animals with a realistic finish!

Create an artisan craft project with detailed instructions that will make you smile at every stage—perfect whether you're a creative enthusiast or new to pom-pom creations. There are 12 different forest animal projects that include a deer, fox, rabbit, owl, squirrel, and many more!

  • This book offers all the tips, instructions, and images you need to make your own forest of friends.
  • Instructions include how to create a furry texture from yarn scraps and trim materials to sculpt and define each animal’s unique shape.
  • Get creative today with Pom-pom Forest Animals and make something special!



eISBN: 9781644034590

UPC: 734817-115700