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Eco Initiatives

For more than 10 years C&T Publishing has been a certified green company in Concord, CA. We are redoubling our efforts to be responsible stewards of the environment. You will see in the coming months changes to our product packaging, product offerings and even more of our books will be printed in the USA to better protect our vital natural resources. During the last decade we have taken the following steps:  

  • All fluorescent or CFL bulbs in the office
  • Solar roof provides 100% office energy Pictures Here
  • Energy smart powerstrips, computers off when not in use 
  • Recycling bins (paper, metal, plastic, eWaste) throughout the office
  • Only reusable dishes/silverware/cups/straws for daily use (disposable dishes used only for large office parties and all disposable ware made from recyclable materials)
  • Reduced office paper use by reviewing PDF’s instead of paper
  • 100% recycled office printer paper, notepads, writing paper, TP, hand-towels, tissues
  • Fragrance-free office environment
  • Low-flow faucets and toilets installed
  • Reverse osmosis water filter to replace bottled water use
  • Signed up for "Spare the Air" company-wide notices to encourage reduced driving for better air quality
  • All staff now work from home reducing carbon emissions and saving money and time

Manufacturing Initiatives:

  • Shifting most of our manufacturing from offshore to the USA
  • Removing pull-outs in books which enable us to print in the USA and keep our books affordable
  • Using FSC certified paper whenever possible in our manufacturing process
  • Redesigning our product packaging to incorporate recyclable material and remove or reduce plastic use whenever possible
  • Re-formulated products to comply with Prop 65 and other environmental regulations
  • Making donations to outstanding organizations like:
screen-shot-2021-07-20-at-5.13.52-pm.png nrdc.png trees-water-people.png  sierra.png one-tree.png