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Meet the Staff


As the Publisher, I manage the day-to-day operations of the company, overseeing all aspects of the business. For fun, I get to decide what books and products come to market and am on the team that generates the titles and covers. I love coming to work each day to look at all the beautiful quilts and sewn projects that appear like magic at our office. I quilt, sew, embroider, make jewelry, do photography (minored in college), and I used to knit, but I forgot how.

Chief Executive Officer

I’ve done every job here—from packing orders to purchasing companies. Currently I am our CEO and part of our management team. I serve on committees tasked with acquiring content, managing resources, and leading the future of the organization. We have an amazing staff that is passionate about what we do here at C&T Publishing. It’s a privilege to work alongside so many creative people. 

 Creative Director

I started at C&T in 2002 as a Technical Editor. In my current role as Creative Director, I oversee the creation of all of our books, starting with acquisition; continuing through editing, photography, design, and production; and ending when the books hit our warehouse. I am a true serial crafter, trying every craft at least once. The ones that have stuck are quilting, sewing garments and bags, and knitting and crochet. 

Acquisitions Editor

I’m the Acquisitions Editor for C&T. It’s my job to identify, encourage, and work with prospective authors throughout the proposal and book-contracting stages of the publishing process. I work very closely with authors on proposal and book concept development to ensure that the writing and editorial phases are as smooth as possible and to produce the most successful book possible. When I was very young I wanted to be an archaeologist. The closest I get now is when we do books on antique quilts!

Senior Account Manager

I’m the Senior Account Manager at C&T. My job is to sell our great books and notions to quilting and sewing distributors and other special sales accounts in the quilting and sewing industry. I have been selling books for over 20 years and love interacting with customers and coming up with creative new ways to sell and merchandise products. I love to travel as a hobby and day dream about all the special new places I will visit one day. A little known fact about me is that I was lucky enough to live in Australia, Brazil, England, and Mexico many years ago and also spent many years living and working in NYC. I’m an avid reader and enjoy monthly book group meetings with friends. 

Digital Marketing & PR Manager 

I absolutely love what I do because I get to collaborate with and learn so much from our talented authors every day, drive C&T’s marketing plans from conception to reality, and work with the media to spread the word about all that our books and products have to offer. My job has inspired me to be more creative in all areas of my life. I have started to learn how to sew my own clothes, and it has been a challenging yet fun process! I also enjoy running, weight lifting, yoga, and traveling. 

Chief Financial Officer

Administrative Assistant/Customer Service Representative

Greetings from East Tennesse! At C&T Publishing I'm your go to gal for support both for our staff and you - our valued customer. I live in Knoxville, TN with my husband and take pride in raising another creative crafter, my 8 year old daughter. We enjoy making messes together! I have long been a serial crafter, but my main interests are sewing, quilting and crochet.  My favorite part about working at C&T Publishing is getting to use my craft ninja skills to help others get the most out of our products - so don't hesitate to reach out.

Creative Spark Online Learning Manager & CS Manager

Formerly, I owned a yarn store for 8 years and hope to bring a retailer’s point of view to C&T’s team. My love of all crafts ranges from knitting to sewing to cake toppers. My backyard she-shed is definitely my happy place and where you’ll find me exploring different arts and crafts.

Author Liaison

I am the Author Liaison here at C&T. My role is to manage all C&T authors and ensure that they have what they need to market their books, teach classes, and attend trade shows. I work with all new and returning authors to help develop marketing strategies, promote projects, and come up with new and interesting ways to show off their work. Outside the office I am a cosplayer, prop maker and 3D printing enthusiast.

Manufacturing Manager 

As the Manufacturing Manager for C&T, my job is to get all of our books and produt from our printers and vendors to our warehouse. I also work on developing and sourcing new non-book items, as well as coming up with projects and patterns that use all of our fun products. How awesome is that?! I love sewing and crafting and could happily spend hours selecting fabrics for new quilts and bags and garments.

Sales and Administrative Assistant 

As Sales and Administrative Assistant at C&T Publishing I get to wear many hats. I mainly work with major distributers to help streamline processing and ordering. To some that may seem boring, but I get giddy when I get to talk about quilting while building an excel report.  I love all things crafting, from beading to crochet to quilting, and am always willing to learn something new.

Creative Marketing & Video Coordinator

As a Marketing Coordinator, I do a multitude of creative tasks supporting our Sales and Marketing team: tradeshow booth design, videos and photography, corralling the talents of our Creative Troupe, and best of all…making product models. I definitely fall into the maker category—any medium, from fabric to metal, makes me happy. I’m enthralled by new techniques and processes. I wanted to be a vet or an artist when I grew up. If I wasn’t with my cats, dogs, and critters, I was gluing together animals out of sticks, rocks, and moss.

Senior Developmental Editor

As a Developmental Editor, I help the author pull together the text and images for a book in a way that melds their vision with C&T’s and figure out how all the pieces fit to complete the perfect puzzle. Then I pass it on to the Technical Editor to follow through with all of the technical details. I have been having all this fun at C&T for 25 years. I started quilting 30 years ago to get a little “me” time when I had two little daughters in the house. Who knew it would turn into such a long and exciting partnership with this wonderful company. Life is full of surprises.

Product Development & Marketing Designer

Hi! I’m Julie- A certifiably creative graphic designer, craft ninja, bullmastiff lover, and exotic plant wrangler. Bohemian in bloodline and spirit, color is my language. Well, that and sarcasm :) I live in Orlando, Florida, where my plants are living their best life. With strong skills in layout and surface design, I have 15 years of experience in the publishing and textile industries. As any designer should be, I’m opinionated, observant, genuine, and somewhat obsessive. I spent my childhood making things, scouring the library and fabric store for ideas, and writing ‘crafty books.’ I love my job and my team here at C&T. I couldn’t have dreamt up a better fit!

Photography Coordinator & Marketing Assistant

I made my first quilt when I was 11 years old – a nine-patch, rainbow quilt made from my old clothes and fabric from my friends and family. Fast forward to 2020, after earning my degree in photojournalism and really delving into the craft of quiltmaking, my path crosses with C&T Publishing. To say that I've found my dream job – where I get to photograph quilts – is a huge understatement.  There's so much more to the job and it changes all the time. I love the challenges and the variety. Outside of photography and quilting, I also enjoy bicycling, board gaming, and Broadway.

Production Manager

As Production Manager, I get to be a part of the book process from beginning to end. I'm responsible for all of the technical aspects of the book's page layout and electronic files (illustrations and photos). When everything's finished, I send the files to the printer and check proofs when they're ready. It's so exciting to work with an amazing team to bring our author's creative ideas to life and share them with the world through our books and products!

Digital Marketing Coordinator

I've always been an avid reader and so working in publishing has been the dream. My main tasks are website management and customer email marketing as well as running digital ads. I also manage our YouTube account. Getting to apply my marketing knowledge to C&T has been amazing. I've recently taken up cross stitching and find myself loving it!

Editorial Assistant

As an Editorial Assistant here at C&T Publishing, my role is to help the editorial team. I provide backend support such as: contracting with authors and freelancers, creating project schedules, submitting information on the books to the Library of Congress and more. When I'm not working, a few of my hobbies are: cooking, writing and reading. I love working with such a creative team on a daily basis.

Senior Technical Editor 

As a Senior Technical Editor, I get paid to do math, draw, and read quilting books—it is my dream job! I enjoy making things with fabric, thread, or yarn. I ride a Harley-Davidson Sportster painted purple with iridescent butterflies, and I knit when I ride on the back of my husband’s bike. 

Acquisitions Editor

As a part of the editorial team, I help guide our projects from idea to polished book. I'm always on the lookout for an exciting new topic or potential author, and I love helping to expand the range of arts and crafts books that C&T offers. I also help our authors develop their manuscripts, writing, editing, and polishing every chapter so that we can make the best book possible. Even in my free time, I never get too far from the world of making; I spend lots of time experimenting with textiles or illustrating and writing in the world of children's picture books. Away from my desk, I love swimming and playing ultimate frisbee.

Production Editor

As a Production Editor, I style manuscripts and review text for consistency, grammatical accuracy, and typos, though the job entails much more than that. I’m also the one who reviews a book for the last time before it goes to the printer. It can be a bit daunting if you’re a perfectionist like me—there is always something else to improve! Outside of work, I enjoy sewing bags and functional projects, mostly. I also draw, paint, and sculpt; my art usually centers around literature, mythology, fairy tales, or anything otherworldly.

Photo & Production Associate

Hello C&T community. I love the fabric arts. Everyday I get to be around great color combinations, beautiful pattern deigns, and creative folks. In addition to being on a bed or wrapped around a body, quilts are works of art to be displayed at museums and art galleries. When I’m not in awe from admiring all the quilts and items at C&T, I’m usually helping the Production and Marketing teams in some sort of graphic design capacity as my title is Production Assistant. Thanks for reading my bio.

Senior Production & Project Editor 

I am a Senior Production Coordinator, and that position allows me the privilege of being able to make sure that all of the artwork that goes into our projects is produced at the highest possible quality. I do not quilt or craft, but being able to create these amazing products that quilters and crafters enjoy is something that I take great pride in. Ever since I was little kid I’ve enjoyed art. I appreciate the work that goes into art—the love and passion each artist puts into his or her work is inspiring all on its own.