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The Christmas Wish Quilt

Wine Country Quilts Series Book 4 of 5

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Ann Hazelwood –– 

In Ann Hazelwood's fourth novel of the Wine Country Quilts Series, Lily Rosenthal starts her holidays with a Thanksgiving Pie Party, but the holiday season truly comes alive during the Christmas Walk in her town of Augusta, Missouri. A jolly, perfect Santa Claus occupies Doc's office on her property during the event and offers children one wish for Christmas. This inspires Lily to make a Christmas Wish quilt for her newly discovered half-sister. Wishes abound throughout the holiday season until a wish to find out more about Doc, Lily's unsettled spirit, turns quite interesting.

5.5" x 8.5"
396 pages
ISBN: 9781683391180
eISBN: 9781683395256