Ann Hazelwood

ann hazelwood

Ann Hazelwood is a former shop owner and native of St. Charles Missouri. She's always adored quilting and is a certified quilt appraiser. She's the author of the wildly successful Colebridge Community series and considers writing one of her greatest passions. Titles include: Colebridge Community series - The Basement Quilt, The Potting Shed Quilt, The Funeral Parlor Quilt, The Jane Austen Quilt Club, The Ghostly Quilts on Main, Quilted Lilies, A Colebridge Quilted Christmas.  She has also published the Wine Country Quilt Series, East Perry County series and is now writing the Door County Quilt series.

By this author:

East Perry County Series Collection
The Forgiving Quilt
Josephine's Guest House Quilt
Quilt The Town Christmas
Everlasting Quilts
Church Ladies Quilts
Colebridge Community Series Collection
The Basement Quilt
The Potting Shed Quilt
The Funeral Parlor Quilt
The Jane Austen Quilt Club
The Ghostly Quilts on Main
Quilted Lilies
A Colebridge Quilted Christmas
Wine Country Quilts Series Collection
For the Love of Quilts
Lily Girl's Christmas Quilt
Quilted Secrets
The Christmas Wish Quilt
The Quilt Left Behind

The Door County Quilt Series

Quilters of the Door
Door to Door Quilts
The Tannenbaum Christmas Quilt