Stellar Quilts

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Dimensions 8.5" x 11.0"

Judy Martin ––

Stellar means ""exceptional"" or ""outstanding."" It also means ""of or relating to stars."" Stellar Quilts, then, are star quilts that are also exceptional quilts. In Stellar Quilts Judy Martin does for stars what she did for Log Cabins: She creates breathtakingly beautiful quilts and explains clearly how to make them. Stellar Quilts features 13 complete and accurate quilt patterns; each pattern presented in 3 sizes; color photos; big detail photos; lots of color variations; lots of setting variations; lots of stellar ideas and tips to help you; and your choice of templates or rotary cutting. Each pattern has big color photo of entire quilt; closeup photo showing fabric and quilting; fat quarter requirements; patch quantity requirements; quilt size and block size listed; piecing diagrams, complete with what direction to press the seams and what order to sew the patches; quilt construction diagram; pieced border; and quilting suggestions. Stellar designs + stellar instructions and tips = Stellar Quilts. Now that's a simple equation for making your most memorable quilts ever!

ISBN: 978-0-92958-913-8