Shakespeare knew it when he said, ""The play's the thing."" Judy Martin knew it when she decided to write Piece 'n' Play Quilts. Now you can find out for yourself: It really is more fun and more satisfying when you can follow a pattern and yet achieve your own unique look by playing with the arrangement of the blocks. Each of the 12 patterns comes with full-size pattern pieces with grain arrows and trimmed points. 11 of the patterns are presented with accurate rotary instructions and illustrated cutting layouts. The 12th pattern (Steve's Star) is presented with paper foundation piecing. You can't fail to make a beautiful quilt every time you sit down and play with Piece 'n' Play Quilts. Quilters have been playing with blocks ever since the first Log Cabin was stitched, but Piece 'n' Play Quilts is far more than just Log Cabins. Any asymmetrical block that makes secondary patterns when turned in different directions is a Piece 'n' Play quilt. Drunkard's Paths, Fans, and Rail Fences lend themselves perfectly to Piece 'n' Play fun. In this book Judy Martin has designed some fabulously simple variations on these tried and true favorites. Isn't it time you made a play date with Piece 'n' Play Quilts?

Piece 'n' Play Quilts

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    Judy Martin ––

    Make a beautiful, one-of-a-kind quilt from a pattern, and have more fun than you ever dreamed possible! That's the idea behind Piece 'n' Play Quilts by Judy Martin. It's as easy as 1-2-3! 1) Piece the blocks. 2) Play with the way you turn the blocks. 3) Join them in your favorite arrangement. It's both easy AND creative. It's all fun and no figuring. And because it's from Judy Martin, you know it's accurate. Piece 'n' Play Quilts features 12 complete quilt patterns, with your choice of rotary cutting or templates. Each pattern comes with a beautiful quilting motif, as well.

    ISBN: 978-0-92958-909-1