8 complete quilt patterns and 10 cookie and bar recipes (plus 1 nutty variation and 1 frosting recipe). Cookies and quilts have long been associated with warmth and comfort, with reassurance and love. So it's only natural that Judy Martin bring these two icons of the happy American home together in one delicious book. Cookies 'n' Quilts has everything you need to make perfect quilts: color photos and illustrations, complete color-coded rotary cutting instructions, full-size templates, and quilting motifs. And because the patterns come from Judy Martin, you know they are completely accurate. All the quilts in the book superimpose one quilt pattern over another. Whether she is putting flowers over an Irish Chain or introducing a star into another star, she is combining traditional elements in unique and exciting ways.

Cookies 'n' Quilts

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    Judy Martin ––

    Judy Martin believes strongly in the notion of quilting as a social institution. It's been that way for generations. Now, more than ever in our high-tech, high-speed, isolated-at-my-own-computer-in-my-own-cubicle world, we need the relaxation and comfort and community that quilting can offer. With Judy MartinÍs book, you can schedule quilting bees to make the gorgeous quilts in Cookies 'n' Quilts and then sample the desserts! Or sample the desserts and then make the quilts. But if you do it in that order, make sure everyone washes their hands before handling any fabric! Choose from these delightful patterns: American Spirit: small four patches appear to float over larger ones; Shenandoah Log Cabin: a Virginia Reel is built from logs; Diamonds Are Forever: small LeMoyne Stars are sprinkled randomly over larger ones; Measure For Measure: small and large Friendship Stars play across a light pink twilight sky; Fall Foliage Spectacular: Maple Leaves are incorporated into Log Cabin blocks; Sonora Song: blossoms enhance a Rail Fence; Climbing Roses: flowers are strewn over an Irish Chain; and ""I Have a Dream"": a smattering of small stars twinkle over larger stars and alternate blocks. Choose from these delicious recipes: Heart & Home: chocolate chips galore in a cookie that's crisp on the outside, tender and chewy on the inside; Farmer's Daughter: tender oatmeal spice cookie bursting with cinnamon chips; Oregon Trail: moist peanut butter cookie bursting with chocolate; Magic Moment: chewy chocolate cookie studded with mint chips; Country Boy: hearty oatmeal cookie with an abundance of butterscotch chips; Heaven & Earth: rich chocolate frosting crowns a fudgy brownie on a butter cookie crust; Tennessee Waltz: pecans and milk chocolate chips top a butter crust; Chantilly Lace: moist coconut macaroon sprinkled with walnuts; Wilderness Log Cabin: cinnamon-kissed dates and walnuts top a buttery shortbread; and Viennese Waltz: Elegant butter cookie bar topped with raspberry-flavored chocolate chips and almonds.

    ISBN: 978-0-92958-908-4