Quilted Lilies

Colebridge Community Series Book 6 of 7

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Page count 408
Imprint CT Publishing
Dimensions 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN 9781604601824

Ann Hazelwood –– 

Enter the charming, historic town of Colebridge, Missouri, and view life from Anne Brown's perspective. As the owner of Brown's Botanical Flower Shop, Anne encounters a serious challenge in her life while also seeing a big dream fulfilled on the Dickson properties. Grandmother Davis' trademark lilies show up in a patterned wholecloth quilt. This quilt gives much comfort to Anne until she is forced to give it up to its intended owner. See what changes await Anne in her home life, family, and business in this sixth novel in the Colebridge Community Series.

eISBN: 9781604603101


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