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Designs of the New Century

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The Modern Quilt Guild—Riane Menardi, Alissa Haight Carlton, and Heather Grant ––

Traditional craft, modern aesthetic

"Modern quilts are utilitarian. They are art. They tell stories. They are graphic, improvisational, or minimalist. They make a statement." Ð Riane Menardi, Alissa Haight Carlton, and Heather Grant

Admire large, color photographs of the best modern quilting has to offerÑmore than 200 quilts curated by the Modern Quilt Guild. From quilt empires like the Amish and the quilters of GeeÕs Bend to the first use of the word "modernÓ in quilting, trace the history of modern quilts and learn about hallmarks of the genre in a concise retrospective. With a foreword from Martha Stewart, this collectible, hardcover book honors the genre's past, present, and future.

· The Modern Quilt Guild has taken the quilting industry by storm ... see why in this gallery of over 200 innovative and inspiring quilts
· A brief retelling of the modern quilting movement and its early influencers
· Celebrate the best modern quilts and quilters of the past decade

Stash Books
208p color, pdf
ISBN: 978-1-61745-599-5
(eISBN: 978-1-61745-599-5)