Off-the-Shelf Fabric Painting Digital Download

30 Simple Recipes for Gourmet Results

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Imprint CT Publishing
ISBN 734817601975

Sue Beevers ––    
Only available as an Digital Download

A fabric and design picture book for grown-ups!

Create one-of-a-kind painted fabrics right in your own kitchen! Fiber artist Sue Beevers shows you the way and makes it fun and easy, too. Techniques rely on water-based paints used with convenient tools and supplies, such as oatmeal, yogurt containers, and file folders. Soon you'll be sponging, stenciling, and brush-wiping like a pro!

• 30 step-by-step recipes
• 15 painting techniques
• Learn to create everything from simple lines and splatters to salting, sun-printing, and resist
• Sue's hands-on approach covers practical color theory, troubleshooting, even paint brand comparisons
• Color photography highlights over 150 painted fabrics and 20 quilts
• Quilters and fiber artists eager to create their own fabrics
• Painters and crafters who want to try painting on fabric
• Experienced fabric dyers and painters looking to expand their skills and try new techniques

96p color pdf        

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