The Little Spark 30 Ways to Ignite Your Creativity

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Imprint Stash Books
Dimensions 7.0" x 9.0"
ISBN 9781607059608

Carrie Bloomston ––

30 ways to cultivate a creative life and fill your days with a passion for living

You were born with a creative spark inside. Do you look at yourself now and wonder if the spark has gone out? Ignite that inner fire with the 30 engaging exercises, fun activities, inspirational images, and motivating ideas in this book. Learn what your Little Spark of creative passion looks like, how to capture it, and how to make room for it in your life. Read the book cover-to-cover and use it as a month-long creative roadmap or just dip into the exercises as your time and inclination allow. Either way, you will change your life.

• Light your inner fire with 30 "sparks": exercises, activities, and lessons that help you discover and nurture your creative passions
• Live a more creative life, whether or not you consider yourself an artist
• Do one spark every day, week, or whenever the spirit moves you
• Find the gifts that come from doing what you really love - joy, connection, meaning, and contentment

Stash Books
128p color
7.5 x 9.5
ISBN: 978-1-60705-960-8
UPC: 734817-110767
(eISBN: 978-1-60705-961-5)

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