Follow Melissa’s step-by-step process, from sketch to stitch to finished project, to create a variety of facial features in just the right proportions.

Making Faces in Fabric

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    Melissa Averinos ––

    Go ahead, make a face!

    Discover how to create freeform, raw-edge appliqué faces using Melissa Averinos' fun, creative process. Melissa walks you through the process step by step, from a comprehensive lesson on drawing the face, to translating your sketch into fabric, to stabilizing the piece with stitching, to incorporating your stylized face into a finished project, whether it’s a pillow, tote, shirt, or stretched canvas! Learn how to make a variety of eyes, noses, lips, hair, and face shapes, as well as how to create facial features in just the right proportions. You’ll be amazed by how good the final portrait looks! 

    • Personalize your fabric collage! Learn several different ways of creating facial features
    • Comprehensive lessons on fabric choices, color, and shading
    • Includes inspirational galleries of work from Melissa and her students 

    Stash Books
    112p, color
    8" x 10"
    ISBN: 978-1-61745-544-5
    UPC: 734817-112563
    (eISBN: 978-1-61745-545-2)


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