Spectacular Stars Simplified

Stitch & Flip Quilts with a Lone Star Look

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Page count 80
Imprint C&T Publishing
Dimensions 8.5" x 11.0"
ISBN 9781644034781

Shelley Cavanna ––

It's never been easier to make Lone Star-style quilts!

Shelley has simplified the intricate-looking traditional design by breaking it into easy-to-piece units, without a set-in seam or bias edge in sight. You won't be using templates or cutting angled pieces from strip sets, either. Instead, each of the eight designs begins with familiar stitch-and-flip units that are then sewn into blocks. Yes, blocks! From there, arrange blocks to create a variety of stellar designs that even a novice can complete with ease. If you can stitch on a marked line, you're ready to make these heavenly quilts!

  • Intricate-looking designs reimagined with simplified piecing

  • Everyone loves to stitch-and-flip

  • These beginner-friendly blocks will make everyone feel at ease

Customer Review: A wonderful addition to any quilter’s library. There are eight beautiful contemporary projects with each having an alternative layout suggestion; one looks amazingly like old-world, Spanish mosaic tile. Just gorgeous! But most impressive is the unique manner of construction that avoids bias edges commonly experienced with star patterns. Very cleverly designed. Will look forward to more from this talented designer and quilter.