Excerpt from Making Faces in Fabric

Excerpt from Making Faces in Fabric

Posted by Melissa Averinos on Jan 15th 2018

Excerpt from Making Faces in Fabric: Workshop with Melissa Averinos • Draw, Collage, Stitch & Show.

I’ve been making art since I can remember. When I started painting in middle school, it was always faces. In high school, I continued to explore this theme through self-portraits, glazing pottery with faces, and sculpting clay into little face pendants to use in jewelry. Any medium I tried would soon show someone staring back at me!

Giant Fabric Selfie by Melissa Averinos

It was only a matter of time before this trend would show up in my quilting. After sharing my work on Instagram and exhibiting at QuiltCon, I found that other people wanted to make faces too—and my “Making Faces with Melissa” workshop was born! I now travel all over the country teaching quilters how to make these raw-edge appliqué faces. I love it so much.

Sapphire Eyes by Melissa Averinos

Ancient Portrait by Melissa Averinos

Stretched Canvas Wall Art by Melissa Averinos

Detail of Embellished Shirt by Melissa Averinos

People in class are usually intimidated by faces; they are sure they won’t be able make a decent one. I remind them that they just haven’t learned how yet! My favorite thing is seeing people light up when they get it—and they always do. Since not everyone has access to classes, I crammed this book full of my best tips and tricks (and the occasional pep talk), so it will be just like I’m there with you.

Approach this book with a willingness to experiment and an attitude of play. The more you can let go and have fun with it, the better your work will be.

Untitled by Jeri Bonser

Fast Face by Tia Curtis

Rose Nose by Tia Curtis

Red Hot Buns by Tessa Williams

The Dude by Diane Hammond Wick

Ice Princess by Elaine Wick Poplin

Self-Portrait by Michelle Engel Bencsko

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