Level Up! Creative Cosplay

Costume Design & Creation, SFX Makeup, LED Basics & More

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Page count 160
Dimensions 8.0" x 10.0"
ISBN 9781644032190

Amanda Haas –– 

Expand your costume-making skills and go from beginner to confident maker!

Picking up where Creative Cosplay left off, this new volume prepares costume enthusiasts to create out-of-this-world effects from head to toe! Cosplayers of all experience levels have much to gain from Amanda’s expertise as a national cosplay competition winner and judge. Learn the basics of making an original costume pattern, using prosthetics and latex, and customizing fabric through dyeing and painting. Transform yourself into the character of your choice with Special Effects (SFX) makeup. SFX makeup uses prosthetics and smaller on-skin materials to create illusions — such as wounds, scars, deformities, or supernatural features — directly on the skin.

  • Get the scoop on sergers, embroidery machines, and using a digital cutter
  • Pick up industry secrets on the basics of LED work, body painting, and SFX makeup
  • Create a DIY costume repair kit for conventions, and market yourself in the cosplay world

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eISBN: 9781644032206