Cosplay Foundations

Your Guide to Constructing Bodysuits, Corsets, Hoop Skirts, Petticoats & More

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ISBN 9781644031957

Casey Welsch –– 

Don’t let your costumes fall flat! Give them the support they need

Get the right fit every time! Elegant and professional cosplay foundations, fitted just for you. Create a capsule wardrobe of foundation garments, including corsets, bodysuits, hoops, crinolines, leggings, and more! Sew the perfect silhouette for any costume, from historical gowns to structured armor and anime builds with multi-award-winning cosplayer Casey Welsch. This visual guide includes more than 400 step-by-step photos, patterns, and all the inspiration you need to give your garments a professional look that lasts with well-made foundations.

  • From armor to anime! Sew a whole closet of foundation garments for cosplay
  • Get your best fit yet when you create fabulous corsets, hoops, petticoats, and more with award-winning cosplayer Casey Welsch
  • Improve your skills with more than 400 how-to-photos, a glossary, and resources
  • Add longevity to your costumes with foundation garments that protect them from perspiration and wear and tear

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ebook ISBN: 9781644031964

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