The Ultimate Glue Guide

Everything You Need to Know About Adhesives for Cosplay Crafts & More

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Dimensions 5.3" x 9.0"
ISBN 9781644033968

Annye Driscoll ––

A practical reference guide to keep essential glue information handy.

Get your hands on this ultimate guide that will get you through all the essentials of gluing, no matter which material you are working with. From metals, plastics, painted surfaces, and all sorts of fabrics, the materials used in our homes and in cosplay are wide-ranging, and new materials appear on the market frequently. Award-winning foam smith, sewist, and propmaker Annye Driscoll (Maker Fishmeal) help you sort through all the clutter and choose the right glue for your next cosplay or costume project. For ease of travel, Annye offers a pocket-sized guide with information on glues for various cosplay applications. 

  • A pocket-sized guide to what glue to use for successful gluing, even when adhering to two or more different materials. 
  • Learn alternative uses for glues such as primers, sealers, adding texture, and gap filling, and find out which glues can be used for non-traditional applications. 
  • Easy-to-use tables allow you to find the right product quickly, and the in-depth information later in the book helps ensure your pieces stay together.


eISBN: 9781644033975

UPC: 734817-115533