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Quilts and the Sod House Experience

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Dimensions 8.5" x 11.0"
ISBN 9781935362807

Kathy Moore and Stephanie Whitson ––

Home on the Plains: Quilts and the Sod House Experience

"How happy we were in our new sod house on our homestead and to ourselves."

Inspired by sod house homemakers' words and quilts, Kathy Moore and Stephanie Whitson tell about those hard-working women striving to create a home on the plains ... in houses made of dirt.
While struggling to survive, they still found time for beauty, cutting scalloped edges on shelf paper, growing geraniums on their windowsills, and planting roses in the yard. And they made quilts - lovely, intricate quilts to brighten their homes.
Peek into the homes and lives of these Nebraska women. You'll want to use one of the eight timeless patterns or one of the variations included to make a quilt in remembrance of their courageous spirit.

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ISBN: 9781935362807
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