Cosplay Fabric FX

Painting, Dyeing & Weathering Costumes Like a Pro

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Page count 128
Dimensions 8.0" x 10.0"
ISBN 9781644032374

Julianna Franchini –– 

Elevate your costume-making skills to the next level!

Getting exactly the look you want and achieving knock-out special effects can be as simple as weathering or painting on fabric, but strategically damaging or adding paint to your costume can be intimidating - what if you get it wrong?! Many cosplayers are adept at sewing up costumes but have no idea how to add details and effects that help tell a story. Marquise Cubey (Julianna Franchini), a veteran cosplayer and industry expert, demystifies paint, tools, and techniques to help you add fabric painting and weathering to your arsenal of costume effects!

  • Learn how to manipulate paint on fabric and add weathering to your arsenal of costume effects
  • Create special effects like metal, dirt, burns, blood, wear and tear, and rust, plus shading techniques, with detailed how-to instructions
  • Enhance your tiny details and give your props and costumes more dimension than ever

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eISBN: 9781644032381