Top 10 Best Sellers from February

Top 10 Best Sellers from February

Posted by Deirdre Quirk on Mar 21st 2019

How we love quilting and sewing products? Let us count the ways! Follow along as we count down to our number one best seller from February. 

#10 Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Updated 3rd Edition

This tool, based on the Ives Colour Wheel, comprises laminated rectangles that fan out to provide a colour chart of shades, tones and tints on one side of each rectangle, and colour guidance on the other. CMYK, RGB and HEX formulas are included, so that the colour guidance can be used in a variety of settings, such as web design. The tool also incorporates red and green value finders. The author is the guru of colour who has published books on the subject and also regularly conducts workshops to help artists create the effect they are after.

~Down Under Quilts

#9 Simple Foundations Translucent Vellum Paper

How can you simplify your foundation piecing? Use Simple Foundations translucent vellum paper from C&T Publishing. Fabric placement is much easier - and paper removal is a breeze.


#8 Free-Motion Meandering

Have you ever wanted private lessons from a quilting expert? Enter Angela Walters with her new book for quilters who are just starting out. With her casual but detailed instructions, it's as though she is standing in your sewing room, coaching you all the way. Filled with encouragement, tips, FAQs, and clear illustrations, her conversational style leads the reader through eight basic meandering quilting designs. With Angela as your guide, you can begin your quilting journey feeling relaxed and confident.

~Modern Patchwork

#7 The NEW Quick & Easy Block Tool!

Discover 110 traditional blocks, each in 5 different sizes with diagrams, yardage and project ideas. Easy-to-use reference tables, design tips, and colour inspiration are included along with rotary-cutting charts and a block index. This compact book makes it easy to make block projects or to design your own. There are blocks from 2- to 8-grid. This book is pre-cut friendly showing you how to use fat quarters, jelly rolls, layer cakes and charm squares as well as yardage. Tips show you how to mix and match blocks or change block size, easy cut and sew. It is the ultimate no-maths reference for quilters. All the calculating is done for you. All you have to do is cut and create. There have been previous editions of this book, but this version has new content.

~Yarns and Fabrics

#6 The Quilter's Negative Space Handbook

Negative Space is a term that is bandied about extensively in the modern quilting world, but how much of an idea of the concept do you really have? A talk to a group of traditional quilters who had a great interest in modern quilts and were curious about negative space prompted Sylvia to delve deeply into the subject and create a book based on the concept. 

This book is geared to two types of quilter—the traditional quilter who wants a guide on how to take traditional elements and make them modern through the use of negative space; and the modern quilter who wants to further their understanding on the subject. 

It explores different design techniques you can employ to use negative space effectively such as removing elements, scattering, disintegration, standing alone, setting rows, inverting shapes, extending lines, ghosting and changing block sizes—and as a designer of modern quilts it's very useful to have a grasp of these different techniques.
There are eight quilt patterns included, each one exploring an example of negative space, plus there are more examples shown to further explain the concepts!  

There's a section on fabric choices for both the feature blocks and negative space. And because all that space lends itself to quilting, there is an extensive section on how to quilt quilts with lots of negative space. Whether you're confident at designing your own modern quilts or not, this book is an excellent resource on the subject.

~Make Modern

#5 You and Your Sewing Machine

Having a better understanding of your sewing machine—how it works, and what it needs to stay happy—will make your life happy too! Learn how to look after your sewing machine(s) with tips and techniques from an expert sewing machine technician. You'll be glad you did.

~Quilter's Connection

#4 String Frenzy

Are you buried in scraps—big pieces, small pieces, strips and bits? Bonnie K. Hunter fans will love her newest book of string-quilt projects. Sew a dozen vibrant quilt patterns using the small leftovers from other projects. Learn Bonnie's basics for foundation-piecing narrow fabric pieces, 1/4in to 2in wide, turning them into dazzling scrappy blocks and one-of-a-kind quilts. 

~Quilters Companion

#3 Quilt As-You-Go Made Vintage

This is a follow-up book to the popular Quilt-As-You-Go Made Modern, also by Jera. It features 51 blocks, nine projects, and three joining methods; including her very own technique that makes your quilt reversible by quilting each block individually on a backing and using joining strips on the front and back of the assembled quilt. Whilst the first book focussed on improvisational techniques in a modern style, this one is about using vintage fabrics in classic block designs. There are useful sections on tools and supplies, working with batting, and choosing your fabrics. Each project is laid out in an easy to follow fashion that is packed with photos and diagrams. Overall, a well considered books that is a delight to look through with a warm, encouraging tone of voice.

~Popular Patchwork

#2 Quilt As-You-Go Made Modern

If you’re a busy quilter who likes to break the rules, Jera Brandvig has the perfect book for you: Quilt as You Go Made Modern: Fresh Techniques for Busy Quilters. Her take on quilting is truly revolutionary – no more dealing with precise cutting measurements and paper patterns.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced quilter, you know how time-consuming the quilting process can be. The Quilt As You Go improvisational technique changes this by showing you quick and easy ways to construct quilts from start to finish.

~Quilter's Review

#1 Carol Doak's Foundation Paper

If you love foundation piecing these papers are without question a MUST! They are fantastic. I had sewn several quilts which are foundation pieced. The first couple I printed my templates out on normal computer paper, oh what a mistake that was. When you tear out that paper it pulls the seams and it is really hard to get it all out. I then got some of Carol Foundation Papers to try, yes they will cost more to use but oh wow the difference, you will wonder why you bothered trying anything else. The paper will print through your normal printer and in most of Carol's books you will find a disk that includes Foundation Factory which has the templates on it so you can just print it straight from the computer onto these foundation paper's (and you can print them out at any size!). They tear out so easily, no pulling on the seam and you get it all out, no little pieces left! 

~Berrima Patchwork

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