Armor Up! Thermoplastics

Cosplay Props, Armor & Accessories

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Page count 176
Dimensions 8.0" x 10.0"
ISBN 9781644032350

Christopher Tock, Chad Van Wye, and Sammy Van Wye –– 

Next-level swords, shields, and more thermoplastic cosplay props!

Working with plastics can be extremely intimidating, even to veteran cosplayers. Armor Up! Thermoplastics, the first volume in the Ultimate Cosplay Encyclopedia series, includes everything you need to know about working with plastics and synthetic materials. From basic to expert level tutorials, key professionals guide you to create the base piece and polish the finished product with techniques on modifying, color, heat form, and detail with modern materials. When warmed up, thermoplastics hardens to form a firm shell. Cosplay swords, shields, and more have a high-quality look and feel with the modern materials and pattern-making covered in the book.

  • Key experts in cosplay and professional costuming offer their expertise to demystify working with thermoplastics and make them less intimidating!
  • Safety first! Learn the technical information needed to safely and successfully work with modern materials
  • Make your cosplay vision a reality with a wide range of materials and skills to produce props, armor, and accessories

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eISBN: 9781644032367