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Quilts and the Garment District

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Page count 96
ISBN 9781644033869

Edie McGinnis –– 

Oh those scrappy quilts with stories to tell and mysteries to solve. Look closely. See this bit of plaid in purple? Here it is again in green ... and yellow ... and red! One can't help but wonder where those bits and pieces came from.

Edie McGinnis explores the origins of these delightful scraps: likely from one of the nation's Garment Districts. During the heyday of the Kansas City garment district, it was said that one in every seven women in the country wore a coat or suit made there. You'll learn about the locale and the players: immigrant workers who toiled the factories, designers whose splashy lives became the daily news, and the museum there today. AND where all those scraps went!

You'll also find easy-to-follow directions to make eight spectacular scrap quilts - some from old designs, some new - and a handful of fun projects. Best of all: a portion of the proceeds from this book will go to support Kansas City's Garment District Museum.