Totally Tubular Quilts Print-on-Demand Edition

A New Strip-Piecing Technique

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Imprint CT Publishing
Dimensions 1.0" x 1.0"

Rita Hutchens ––

Fantastic, dramatic, geometric quilts - they’re Totally Tubular!

It’s Totally Tubular and totally brilliant! Combine easy strip piecing with clever methods for cutting, rearranging, and sewing again. Quilt designer and teacher Rita Hutchens’ innovative Totally Tubular technique will have you creating dynamic geometric quilts before you know it!

• 5 projects - choose from “Rainbow,” “Lightning,” and 3 more bold, graphic quilts
• Template-free technique produces diamonds, spirals, kaleidoscopes, and other intricate geometric designs
• Complete, step-by-step instructions walk you through the Totally tubular process
• Rita’s colorful quilt gallery will inspire your own creativity

* Important Notes About PRINT ON DEMAND Editions
ALL SALES ARE FINAL: PODs are non-returnable and non-refundable. This title will be printed after purchase
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PRINT QUALITY WILL VARY FROM ORIGINAL EDITION: PODs are printed on uncoated (non-glossy) paper and
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Pattern pullouts (if applicable) have been separated and presented as single pages.

80p color
print on demand edition
8.5 x 11
ISBN: 978-1-57120-208-6
(eISBN: 978-1-57120-887-3)

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