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Stitching Stolen Lives

Amplifying Voices, Empowering Youth & Building Empathy Through Quilts; The Social Justice Sewing Academy Remembrance Project


Sara Trail and Teresa Duryea Wong –– 

Remembering those we’ve lost, and empowering those of the future

Stitching Stolen Lives is an in-depth look at the mission and work of the Social Justice Sewing Academy Remembrance Project. Together, we remember the lives lost due to racial injustices, with an in-depth sharing of their story. The SJSA compiled extraordinary portrait art quilts that memorialize the individuals and say their names, over and over. SJSA also works with young adults and teens to help find their voice through the art of fabric and quilting, shown through student gallery photography. By working with SJSA, students learn how to cut fabric and make quilt blocks, and along the way, find the strength to express the systemic problems that plague their everyday life through their artwork. This book shares stories and insight into the lives lost and the long overlooked, heartrending truths shared by teens and young adults. Featuring forewords by Hillary Rodham Clinton and Reverend Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

  • Personal stories of individuals and their families whose lives have been cut short by racially motivated crime
  • Includes thought-provoking portrait art quilt blocks in the likeness of those whose lives were stolen
  • Valuable resource section provides information on how to talk about racial equity, use art as a tool to aid self-expression, and get started on your own social justice initiative. 


9" x 12"
176 pages
ISBN: 9781644031384
UPC: 734817-114598
eISBN: 9781644031391



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