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Sara Trail

Sara Trail

I live near Oakland, California, with my mom, dad, brother Nick, and two dogs. Right now, I'm in ninth grade. I love sewing, reading, swimming, go-carting, and making money! My family and I attend Grace Temple Church of God in Christ, where I work with other kids in a church-based sewing program. I have many friends and love to have pool parties at my house. I also love to babysit and sew clothes for little girls, and maybe I'll be a fabric and fashion designer.

When I was in fourth grade, I was reprimanded for being a young entrepreneur by my principal! Once a week, my mom would bring me a fast-food lunch. I sold my French fries to my friends for a quarter apiece. I was making as much as $5 in quarters weekly, unbeknownst to my parents! But I don't do that anymore.

I play the piano and have performed "Think of Me" from The Phantom of the Opera. I get really nervous when I play for large crowds, but it's fun to give a good performance!

School is okay but homework is not. If only I could just go to school and never have homework! But I do it. I can hardly wait to grow up, go to college, and have my own dorm room so I can keep it messy if I want!

I love thrift stores where I can buy old, gaudy clothing and remove the beautiful embellishments, beads, and trims with a seam ripper. Then I put them on thrift store jeans and jackets. I don't spend my allowance on designer shoes and dresses because it's more fun to make my own designer-looking clothes! I buy junky jewelry for a few dollars and add it to the handbags and tote bags I make. Helping my mom re-cover furniture from thrift stores to make it beautiful is also cool!
I love to stay up late at night and sew. My mom and dad sometimes turn off the circuit breaker in my sewing room so I can't get up in the middle of the night and sew until 3 a.m.! I know I need my sleep for school, but sometimes the desire to finish a quilt can make me crazy!

I hate it when I see kids at school teasing and picking on other kids who aren't popular. I try to make friends with different and interesting kids who don't fit into the popular crowd, like me!

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