Sew Small—19 Little Bags

Stash Your Coins, Keys, Earbuds, Jewelry & More

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Imprint Stash Books
Dimensions 8.0" x 10.0"
ISBN 9781617454332

Jennifer Heynen ––

Pretty and practical organizers to sew

Sew 19 simply embellished projects including a card holder, coin purses, earbud holder, small wallets, pouches and organizers. These cute and useful bags are perfect for holding and organizing all of your little things. Personalize the organizers with adorable embellishments and appliqués and use up your scraps, trims, and other odds and ends in the process! Whip one up in an afternoon or bring your handwork with you—small pieces make these projects fun and easy to work on anywhere. Great to give as gifts or keep for yourself, these tiny bags will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

• A place for everything and everything in its place—make bags to hold brushes, chargers, journaling supplies, money, flip-flops, and more!
• Tiny scraps find new life as adorable appliqués and embellishments on these quick-to-sew pouches
• Make it your own! Sew a clutch to match your outfit or embroider a gift with a special message

Stash Books
112p + pattern pullout, color
8" x 10"
ISBN: 978-1-61745-433-2
UPC: 734817-112051
(eISBN: 978-1-61745-434-9)

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