I Want These!

I Want These!

Posted by Jeanie German on Jan 25th 2017

Instead of writing this blog post, I texted my mom saying I have to make these. 

Instead of writing this blog post, I sat here slowly clicking through each project and muttering, “Oh my gosh. So cute!” more times than I’d ever dare to admit.

Instead of writing this blog post, I went ahead and started choosing which cottons, felt, and velveteen fabrics I wanted to use.

Yep, you guessed it. Instead of writing this blog post, I noted which project would be the best gift for my friend, my relative, and my random neighbor down the street—who I don’t even like—because hey, kill ‘em with adorable kindness, right?

With each project, Sew Small—19 Little Bags by Jennifer Heynen will make you want to drop every boring responsibility on your plate and sew these tiny—yet useful—creations. There’s a whale coin purse. There’s an ice cream earbud bag. There’s even something called a journaling wallet. Do I know what that is? No. Do I still want to make it? Yes!

Most of all, these projects are just fun. Heynen says she hopes they’ll put a smile on your face as you sew, and I definitely believe they will. 

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