Royal Icing Cookies

45+ Techniques for Stunning & Delicious Edible Art

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Page count 176
Imprint Stash Books
Dimensions 8.0" x 10.0"
ISBN 9781644033272

Morgan Beck ––

Craft stunning sweet treats

Royal icing cookie decoration is the perfect, delicious craft to take any occasion to the next level. Royal Icing Cookies has everything you need to know to make 72 delightful cookie designs, from simple and cute, to complex and stunning. With reliable and delicious cookie dough and icing recipes, you’ll always feel confident when it’s time to start decorating. Explore various piping, layering, texture, and coloring techniques to make anything, from furry pet portraits to elegant bridal motifs. Sweeten your next social gathering with cookie design sets that will make you everyone’s favorite guest! 

  • Learn 45+ techniques to decorate royal icing cookies with a professional finish, from lettering to 3D texture 

  • Cookie designs range from classic holiday and party favorites to versatile themes like florals, witches, plants, outer space, and books

  • Dream up your own cookie sets using the inspiration and design chapter, and bake the perfect cookie every time using Morgan Beck’s tried-and-true recipe 




UPC: 9781644033272

eISBN: 9781644033890