Patchwork & Piecing

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  • French Braid Quilts
    French Braid Quilts
    Jane Hardy Miller with Arlene Netten –– Simple Piecing - Spectacular Quilts • One great technique, a variety of different looks! • LEARN TO USE VALUE: Create glowing effects by choosing a gradated...
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  • One-Block Wonders
    One-Block Wonders
    Maxine Rosenthal –– 1 Great Fabric + 1 Block = 1 Stunning Quilt! Amaze your friends! Maxine shows you exactly how to choose a large-scale print, figure yardage, cut and piece these drop-dead gorgeous quilts...
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  • Simplify with Camille Roskelley
    Simplify with Camille Roskelley
    Camille Roskelley –– Simplify Your Life and Make It More Beautiful • Build your quiltmaking skills with bright, fun projects using convenient precuts!• 8 quilt projects plus 4 pillow patterns to make...
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  • Sylvia's Bridal Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts
    Sylvia's Bridal Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts
    Jennifer Chiaverini –– New from the Author of the Best-Selling Elm Creek Quilts Novels • Celebrate the enduring bonds of friendship and create your own authentic version of the "secret" bridal sampler...
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  • Modern Minimal: 20 Bold & Graphic Quilts by Alissa Haight Carlton
    Modern Minimal Print-on-Demand Edition
    Alissa Haight Carlton –– Chic and stunning design Quilts get super sleek and ultra modern with these gorgeously graphic designs that use lots of open space to show off the simplicity of the quilting. Add a...
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  • 15 Minutes of Play - Improvisational Quilts: Made-Fabric Piecing • Traditional Blocks • Scrap Challenges by Victoria Findlay Wolfe
    15 Minutes of Play Improvisational Quilts
    Victoria Findlay Wolfe –– See what can happen when you make time to play Scraps never looked so good! This is improvisational piecing reinvented - learn how to create your own creatively-collaged swatches of...
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  • Flower Festival by Kim Schaefer
    Flower Festival Print-on-Demand Edition
    Kim Schaefer –– Sew a Whole Garden of Blooming Appliqué Blocks • Create a bouquet of floral quilts with 50 adorable blocks of appliquéd flowers and bugs • Make 9 complete quilt projects...
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  • French Braid Obsession by Jane Hardy Miller
    French Braid Obsession Print-on-Demand Edition
    Jane Hardy Miller –– New Ways to Indulge Your Passion for French Braid Quilts • 8 all-new projects feature lots of spectacular new ways to French braid your quilts • New shapes and sizes:...
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  • Kim Schaefer's Skinny Quilts
    Kim Schaefer's Skinny Quilts
    Kim Schaefer –– Decorate those nooks and crannies Best-selling author Kim Schaefer's latest designs shine a spotlight on slender spaces! These quick skinny quilt projects are a great way to bring your scrap...
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  • One-Block Wonders Encore!
    One-Block Wonders Encore!
    Maxine Rosenthal & Joy Pelzmann –– A Bold New Spin on One-Block Quilts: New Projects, More Fabrics, New Effects• 6 quilt projects, plus over a dozen gallery quilts and techniques for creating endless...
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  • Ricky Tims' Convergence Quilts
    Ricky Tims' Convergence Quilts
    Ricky Tims –– Become a fabulous quilt artist - the fun, easy way! Popular quilting expert Ricky Tims presents an imaginative, new piecing technique that quilters will adore! Convergence quilts feature two or...
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  • Simply Triangles: 11 Deceptively Easy Quilts Featuring Stars, Daisies & Pinwheels by Barbara H. Cline
    Simply Triangles
    Barbara H. Cline –– Triangle extravaganza! Create unique, dynamic designs within pieced triangles, then combine those triangles with other shapes to make sassy stars, daisies, and pinwheels. Add a hexagonal...
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  • Super Simple Quilts #1 with Alex Anderson & Liz Aneloski
    Super Simple Quilts #1 with Alex Anderson & Liz Aneloski
    Alex Anderson & Liz Aneloski ––  3 quilts (in 3 sizes), 1 supply list • 3 super-easy quilts, each in 3 sizes, with 3 fabric styles to choose from - the hardest part is choosing which one to...
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  • Thoroughly Modern Dresden
    Thoroughly Modern Dresden Print-on-Demand Edition
    Anelie Belden –– Not Your Grandmother's Dresden Plate Quilts! • 13 lively new Dresden Plate quilts serve up a visual feast of contemporary colors and clever designs for all skill levels • Change up...
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  • The Quilter's Color Club
    The Quilter's Color Club Print-on-Demand Edition
    Christine E. Barnes –– Give Color a Try! • Discover a practical approach for using color to bring your quilts to life • Learn how to use "magic" fabrics that give your quilts movement and depth ...
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  • All-Star Quilts
    All-Star Quilts Print-on-Demand Edition
    Helen Frost & Blanche Young –– Meet your LeMoyne All-Stars!• 10 quilt projects include Lone Star, Touching Stars, Rolling Star, Broken Star, Star of Bethlehem, Double Star, and Blazing Star• Use...
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  • One-Block Wonders Cubed!
    One-Block Wonders Cubed! Print-on-Demand Edition
    Maxine Rosenthal & Joy Pelzmann –– Add New Dimension to Your Favorite Hexagon Quilts• Your favorite One-Block Wonders authors are back with new graphic techniques using triangles, cubes, and...
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  • Quilts Made Modern
    Quilts Made Modern Print-on-Demand Edition
    Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr –– Sophisticated Style with Simple Piecing • Multiple sizes, alternative colorways, and design tips are included for all 10 project quilts• Patterns range from "quick and...
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  • Ricky Tims' Kool Kaleidoscope Quilts
    Ricky Tims' Kool Kaleidoscope Quilts Print-on-Demand Edition
    Ricky Tims –– Watch a One-of-a-Kind Kaleidoscope Emerge • Ricky walks you through his innovative techniques step-by-step to create the project quilt• An inspirational gallery of 26 student...
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  • Scandinavian Stitches
    Scandinavian Stitches
    Kajsa Wikman –– Every Season Brings a New Reason to Quilt and Sew! • 21 whimsical projects include quilts, softies, pillows, and ornaments• Find new inspiration in the seasons of Scandinavia• A...
  • Shifting Perspectives by Lorraine Torrence
    Shifting Perspectives
    Lorraine Torrence –– Find and Develop the Artist Within You • Spectacular, artful quilts are within your reach • Create a group of identical blocks, then trim and join them to create optical...
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  • Colorful Stash Busters eBook
    Colorful Stash Busters eBook
    Mary Cowan –– • 10 new and original stash-friendly projects - quilts, table toppers and a bag • Play with color to add casual, cottage style to your home. • Each design shows an alternative...
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  • Diamond Chain Quilts: 10 Skill-Building Projects • Dynamic Star, Daisy & Pinwheel Designs by Barbara H. Cline
    Diamond Chain Quilts eBook
    Barbara H. Cline –– Light up traditional pieced quilts with the drama of diamonds Featuring new techniques that bring the drama of diamonds to traditional designs, bestselling quilt designer and author Barbara...
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  • Hatched and Patched's Some Kind of Wonderful
    Hatched and Patched's Some Kind of Wonderful Print-on-Demand Edition
    Hatched and Patched's Some Kind of Wonderful Anni Downs –– Welcome to the whimsical world of Hatched and Patched designer Anni Downs. Whether you love appliqué, patchwork, punchneedle, or hand...
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  • Midnight Quilts: 11 Sparkling Projects to Light Up the Night
    Midnight Quilts Print-on-Demand Edition
    Lerlene Nevaril –– Black is the new neutral Learn how to use black and other dark fabrics as the contrasting color in your pieced quilts. Favorite blocks like Log Cabin, Pinwheel, and Bear's Paw will glow like...
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  • Serendipity Quilts by Sara Nephew
    Serendipity Quilts by Sara Nephew eBook
    Sara Nephew –– Stacked repeats combine with Sara's six- pointed star designs to produce rich, detailed works of art and lively, fun to make projects. 50 wedge-based block designs to choose from, plus 13 quilt...
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  • Sneaky Piecing: Beth's 20+ Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Cutting, Stitching, Pressing, Finishing & More • 6 Quilt Projects by Beth Ferrier
    Sneaky Piecing eBook
    Beth Ferrier –– What if making a quilt could be easier, faster, cheaper, and more accurate? In her signature lighthearted style, Beth Ferrier reveals her personal arsenal of "sneaky tricks" for quiltmaking...
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  • Star Quilts: 35 blocks, 5 projects • Easy No-Math Drafting Technique by Mary Knapp
    Star Quilts Print-on-Demand Edition
    Mary Knapp –– Create the galaxy of your dreams from a simple grid • Draft star blocks accurately at any size with this unique grid system—just connect the dots! • No complex calculations needed...
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  • Traditional Fat Quarter Quilts: 11 New Projects from Open Gate by Monique Dillard
    Traditional Fat Quarter Quilts eBook
    Monique Dillard –– Classic comfort quilts Some quilts beg to be snuggled under, hot cocoa in hand. Renowned patternmaker, Monique Dillard, delivers plenty of just such quilts in this jam-packed book...
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  • Urban Views: 12 Quilts Inspired by City Living by Cherri House
    Urban Views eBook
    Cherri House –– Cherri House takes her fans on an all-new adventure• 12 new quilt projects from popular blogger and best-selling author of City Quilts• Beginner and experienced sewists alike can create...
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  • Vintage Tablecloth Quilts: Kitchen Kitsch to Bedroom Chic • 12 Projects to Piece or Applique by Rose Sheifer & Liz Aneloski
    Vintage Tablecloth Quilts eBook
    Rose Sheifer & Liz Aneloski –– Charming renovations for collectible cloths Transform your favorite vintage tablecloths into beautiful quilts! Learn how to convert the best parts of each cloth into quilt...
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  • Colorful Quilts for Fabric Lovers Print-on-Demand Edition
    Colorful Quilts for Fabric Lovers Print-on-Demand Edition
    Amy Walsh & Janine Burke –– Use the fabrics you love - finish every quilt you start • New ideas for creating color-splashed quilts with modern panache • Designs look more complex than they really...
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  • M'Liss Rae Hawley's Precut Quilts eBook
    M'Liss Rae Hawley's Precut Quilts eBook
    M'Liss Rae Hawley –– Whip up quick patchwork projects with precut fabrics • 6 beginner-friendly quilt projects, including a tote bag • Make traditional quilts more easily with jelly rolls, charm...
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  • Scrap Republic: 8 Quilt Projects for Those Who LOVE Color by Emily Cier
    Scrap Republic eBook
    Emily Cier –– Meet Roy G. Biv and his fashionista sister • "Roy G. Biv" is an acronym for red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet - the colors featured in these 8 quilts • Each scrappy,...
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  • Summer at the Lake Quilts eBook
    Summer at the Lake Quilts eBook
    Susan Maw and Sally Bell –– Pack your picnic with style and romance • Celebrate the outdoors with six quilts, plus tote bags, a pillow, and a sweet sunhat • These scrap-friendly projects are ideal for...
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  • Drafting for the Creative Quilter Print-on-Demand Edition
    Drafting for the Creative Quilter Print-on-Demand Edition
    Sally Collins –– The Drafting Book Every Quilters Needs • Everything you ever wanted to know about drafting in one book • Simple step-by-step instructions for drafting grid-based blocks, star blocks,...
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