Modern Applique Illusions: 12 Quilts Create Perspective & Depth

Modern Applique Illusions eBook

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    Casey York ––

    Delight the eye with bold minimalist quilts that give the illusion of depth and distance

    With 12 sophisticated quilts, award-winning designer Casey York teaches you how to combine secrets borrowed from fine arts with easy quilting methods to create modern quilted optical illusions: objects that look three-dimensional, landscapes that seem to recede into the distance, even fish that appear to be swimming underwater. The best news - you can do it all with easy raw-edged appliqué and straight-line machine quilting! These elemental designs look as if they should be hanging in a museum, but they are actually designed for everyday use on your bed or sofa.

    • 12 sleek, modern quilts create the illusion of depth by combining fine-art perspective techniques with easy fusible appliqué and machine quilting
    • Finish raw appliqué edges with hand stitching for a clean look that still has a handmade feeling

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    106p color pdf
    ISBN: 978-1-60705-926-4
    (eISBN: 978-1-60705-926-4)

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