M'Liss Rae Hawley

mliss Rae Hawley

You may already know M'Liss Rae Hawley as the author of many best-selling books, or as a fabric designer or world-traveled featured speaker. Along the way, she was crowned "Fat-Quarter Queen" for her pioneering and original work with these wonderful quarter-yard pieces of fabric.

M'Liss's sewing journey began when she was four years old and her mother taught her to embroider on handkerchiefs. By age nine, M'Liss's passion had grown to such a degree that she convinced her father to fib about her age so she could take regular adult sewing classes at the local Singer dealer in Seattle, Washington. (Oh, and it was about that time that she got her first dachshund, Fritzi.)

M'Liss's love for fabric and design continued to grow, and in 1983 she began her business, M'Liss's Design & Quilting World, LLC, in the living room of her home.

M'Liss and her husband Michael currently share their Whidbey Island home with five dachshunds and five cats.


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