Making Bags, A Field Guide

Supplies, Skills, Tips & Techniques to Sew Professional-Looking Bags; 5 Projects to Get You Started

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Imprint C&T Publishing
Dimensions 8.0" x 10.0"
ISBN 9781644031575

Jessica Sallie Barrera ––

A complete guide to bag-making

Couture bags without the couture price? Yes, please. Whether you are beginning or looking to expand your bag-making, you can create professional-looking bags to fit your style and practical needs with Making Bags. Bags are infinitely customizable projects -- there are so many fabrics, hardware, and zippers to explore. This valuable resource has all the information and techniques needed to work with diverse materials and achieve endless style combinations. Trendy baguette bags, duffle bags, saddle bags, and so many more styles are covered in this book.

  • Make five bag projects to practice your new skills and apply basic to advanced sewing techniques
  • Jessica Barrera, the owner of Sallie Tomato, gives you the full scoop on fabrics from standard quilting cotton to specialty materials like cork, velvet, vinyl, kraft-tex (vegan leather), and so much more
  • Follow along all the steps of the bag-making process with this visual guide



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