Periodic Table of Quilt Blocks Poster

20" x 30"

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Imprint C&T Publishing
Dimensions 30.0" x 20.0"
ISBN 9781644034521

Quilt blocks at a glance!

This 20" x 30" periodic table poster* is a fun, useful, and colorful visual guide to 100+ quilt blocks. The chart is organized into 15 categories of blocks, such as Star, Flying Geese, 9-Patch blocks, and more. Each square includes the name, a colorful diagram of the quilt block, and the block grid number (2-grid, 3-grid, 4-grid, etc.). Create any block on the periodic table with ease using the handy cross-reference on the chart indicating which Quilt Builder Card Deck (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) or Quick & Easy Block Tool contains the quilt block instructions.

  • 20" x 30" periodic table poster is a fun, useful, and colorful visual guide to over 100 quilt blocks
  • A perfect gift for all quilting lovers, from beginners to experts, that fits in a standard poster frame
  • Pair the poster with our block tools to easily create any quilt block featured on the poster


UPC: 9781644034521

*Please note: This poster comes folded, so some fold marks are present.