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Imprint CT Publishing

Sue Astroth ––

Quilting plus scrapbooking equals one dynamite combination!

Put your best memories on display! Now it’s simple to turn your latest vacation, family event, or favorite activity into a one-of-a-kind quilted keepsake. Sue Astroth’s scrapbook quilts blend quilting with fun embellishments for a personalized heirloom you and your family will treasure forever.

• 15 quick and easy projects include kids, nature, patriotic, art, and ethnic themes - and more!
• Add vintage photos, memorabilia, stamping, decorative papers, and other imaginative embellishments
• No photo transfer involved - use simple color copies instead
• 1 basic quilt pattern, step-by-step instructions, and lots of creative suggestions allow limitless design and embellishment possibilities
• Use the projects as a jumping-off point for your own stories
• Ideal family activity - no-sew options make the process enjoyable for children and inexperienced crafters, too

68p color PDF
ISBN: 978-1-60705-609-6
(eISBN: 978-1-60705-609-6)

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