Sue Astroth

Sue Astroth

Sue Astroth was born in Southern California, where she lived until moving to Concord, California, in 1997. Sue has been a crafter her whole life-needle arts, quilting, and paper arts are her ongoing favorites. Most recently, she has been combining fabric and paper in unexpected ways.

In 2005 she was fortunate to appear on the 2005 CHA Craft Special with Carol Duvall and Simply Quilts with Alex Anderson, where she demonstrated her first book, Fast, Fun & Easy® Scrapbook Quilts.

When she isn't in the studio creating new projects, Sue is out collecting treasures for her cards and quilts, pruning the roses in her garden, or working at a local stamp, art, and scrapbook store, where she gets lots of great ideas.

Sue doesn't look back...except to say thank you to her family and friends for the love and support she constantly receives along her artistic journey.

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