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Fabric Weaving

Play with Color & Pattern; 12 Projects, 12 Designs to Mix & Match

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Page count 144
Dimensions 8.0" x 10.0"
ISBN 9781644031681

Mathew Boudreaux & Tara Curtis –– 

You gotta weave it to believe it!

Learn the art of fabric weaving with 12 fun and fabulous projects! Not only is fabric weaving perfect for crafters, garment sewists, and quilters—it is also an ideal entry point for non-crafters who want to join in on the fun. Mathew Boudreaux of Mister Domestic and Tara Curtis of WEFTY Needle walk you through every step of the process, from selecting materials to preparing and using your weaving board. Try out simple, classic patterns as well as more complex triaxial designs, incorporating woven textiles anywhere you’d use fabric! Weave the worries of the day behind with this truly relaxing and tactile handcraft.

  • Make your projects pop with fabric weaving! Add wow factor to garments, bags, quilts, and home decor with fabric weaving
  • Sewists, quilters, and crafters will love this meditative, stress-reducing handcraft
  • Fabricate simple and complex woven textiles with Mister Domestic & WEFTY

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