Create Dream Catchers

26 Serene Projects to Crochet, Weave, Macramé & More

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Imprint Stash Books
Dimensions 8.3" x 10.3"
ISBN 9781644031285

Young-Ran Lee –– 

Explore traditional Native American charm

String together peaceful dream catchers with Korean artist Young-Ran Lee. Each of the 26 projects features a distinctive look and part of the fun is you can find your supplies and materials by just walking through nature. From the beach to the woods, or just your backyard- use shells, leaves, and more for a one-of-a-kind look. Plus, try your hand at crocheting and weaving with more traditional materials like yarn and string for a finished, modern interpretation. Learn about the origins of dream catchers, comprehensive how-to instructions, and enjoy stunning, ethereal photography on each page.

  • Make the most of your materials! Each dream catcher features a unique look from shells, driftwood, seaglass, yarn, beads, feathers, and much more
  • Step-by-step instructions include gorgeous nature photography
  • Practice a variety of techniques like crochet, weaving, macramé, and more

8.25" x 10.25"
144 pages
ISBN: 9781644031285
UPC: 734817-114567
eISBN: 9781644031292

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