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Everlasting Quilts

East Perry County Series Book 4 of 5

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Ann Hazelwood –– 

Complicated and confusing romance continues for Josephine's Guest House proprietor Kate Meyr in Everlasting Quilts, the fourth novel in the East Perry County series. John Baker, Kate's lakehouse neighbor, a writer, and wannabe lover intrigues Kate with his research on quilts for a magazine article. In the process, she discovers unusual destinations for quilts, even in her own family. These stories are precious and everlasting. But not all is precious in Borna as Kate faces a fight for her life in her beloved home. Thanks to the spirit of Josephine and a handsome new acquaintance, Kate is able to persevere. It's once again another secret that Kate has to keep from her community as she continues to protect her guest house's reputation.

5.5" x 8.5"
412 pages
ISBN: 9781604603934
eISBN: 9781604604290