Doodle Notebook for Free-Motion Quilting

150+ Inspirational Motifs

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Page count 192
Imprint Stash Books
Dimensions 6.0" x 9.0"
ISBN 9781644031612

Dara Tomasson and Amy Colleen Robertson –– 

Doodle practice makes quilt perfection!

Keep a record of your progress and give yourself the organized space to practice your doodle designs with this helpful notebook! Based on Doodle School by Dara Tomasson and Amy Robertson, use your notebook to practice the key factors to successful free motion quilting through doodling. Including 150+ inspirational motifs that spur creativity for working on muscle memory, doodling using pen and paper (as opposed to fabric and thread) allows quilters to build their confidence and abilities with free motion quilting in a less intimidating (and less expensive) way. Once satisfied with your notebook designs, take them to your machine and you will be thrilled how much easier it is to free-motion quilt! 

  • Use this notebook as a companion to practice designs in Doodle School
  • Starting with pen and paper is both less intimidating and less expensive than starting on a quilt and sewing machine
  • Portable size allows quilters to take their work anywhere and practice in spare moments

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