Scrap Quilt Secrets: Repetition

Scrap Quilt Secrets: Repetition

Posted by Lynn Koolish on Mar 10th 2016

You know how sometimes scrap quilts look terrific and sometimes they just look thrown together? Up your scrap quilt game by learning Diane D. Knott's easy secrets to scrap quilt success in her new book, Scrap Quilt Secrets

For example, take secret #3: R is for repetition. Even when you make scrappy quilts, you need some element of repetition for the quilt to look cohesive rather than chaotic. It can be repetition of a block, color, or shape, or an element of your choice.

For example in Fusion, there is repetition using two blocks, which creates a secondary design that also repeats. This creates repetition of color and shape.

In Shawnee Shadows, there is repetition of the triangle shape in a number of colors and sizes–some point up and some point down. The use of a strong color, red in this case, provides cohesion and moves your eye around the quilt. Scrappy and well-designed!

So gather your scraps and follow along with Diane’s S.C.R.A.P.S. secrets to make the best scrap quilts you’ve ever seen.

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