Pipsqueaks Blog Tour Kickoff!

Pipsqueaks Blog Tour Kickoff!

Posted by Sally Dixon on May 11th 2016

It’s such a joy to share my Pipsqueaks book with you. Tiny things fascinated me as a child, and they fascinate me still. My book teaches you how to make a variety of miniature felt animals and accessories.

All of the pipsqueak-sized projects represent a little bit of me:

• Childhood memories provided inspiration for designs such as the Budgerigar Puppet Cozy (my dad kept budgerigar show birds when I was young).

• My hobbies provided inspiration for Time for a Picnic (cake baking is a passion).

• My home country provided inspiration for several projects, including Peekaboo Platypus Bed (I’m an Aussie!).

• Pets, past and present, provided inspiration for Mister Mousy (yes, I once owned pet rodents) and Blushing Kitties (I’m never without a cat).

There’s a story behind all of my designs.

I've invited an international group of bloggers to participate in this tour. Each blog will give away a copy of my book when they post about Pipsqueaks. Visit my blog and the others on the tour. It’s going to be a fun adventure!

Here are the scheduled blog stops for the tour:

11 th May 2016: C&T Publishing (Concord, California, U.S.A.)

11 th May 2016: We Bloom Here - Margaret Bloom (San Francisco Bay, California, U.S.A.)

12 th May 2016: My Handmade Adventure - Karen Wasson (Melbourne, Australia)

13 th May 2016: 60 Degrees of Inspiration - Joanna Riley (Shetland Isles, Scotland, UK):

14 th May 2016: Buttonsy - Anna Day (London, England, UK)

15 th May 2016: Madeit (Lennox Head, Australia)

16 th May 2016: Sally Dixon Creations - Sally Dixon (Adelaide, Australia)

Enter for a chance to win a copy of Pipsqueaks here: a Rafflecopter giveaway! Winner will be chosen one week after the blog tour ends. The winner’s name will be announced right here on the blog. International winners will receive an ebook; US winners will receive a hard copy.

Congratulations to Caroline S, winner of this giveaway!

Oh, and I couldn’t help but write a little rhyme about the blog tour:

Pipsqueaks Blog Tour

by Sally Dixon

Please take note, crafty friends,

Of an upcoming day:

A blog tour begins,

On the eleventh of May.

A blog tour? What’s that?

A great question indeed!

I’ll tell you the details—

Listen close, let’s proceed.

Would you like to create

Felt items, oh, so small?

In my book called Pipsqueaks,

There are projects galore.

With fragments of sheet felt,

You will learn how to make,

Koalas and kittens,

Even tiny cupcakes!

Each day of the tour,

A craft blogger will host;

Something about Pipsqueaks,

Will appear in their post.

The content will vary,

So you’re welcome each day,

To visit and comment,

For a whole week in May.

On the eleventh, when

The adventure begins,

Come, follow each blog link;

Then, each day you might win.

In each comments section,

Please make yourself known—

A copy of Pipsqueaks,

Could become yours to own.

You will visit the world,

On this internet hop:

Scottish Isles and England,

America and Oz.

The tour will finish,

On the sixteenth of May,

Seven chances to win!

Do come and have your say.

On one of the days,

There’s a little surprise,

Along with the craft book

Comes a cute handmade prize!

There’s one week to enter,

Before winners are drawn.

A blogging adventure—

Won’t you please come along?

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